Ziarul Românesc: Protest pentru susținerea lui Florin Barbu. „Copiii români nu sunt de vânzare încă de la Războiul de Independență


Protest pentru susținerea lui Florin Barbu. „Copiii români nu sunt de vânzare încă de la Războiul de Independență

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  1. Chris
    mai 24, 2016 @ 12:26:05

    Hi Rodi.

    I can’t read this article but it mentions 10 Downing St. I know someone who is also planning a hunger strike for that location. I thought this man is in France. Can you give me a brief review of this story in english? I’ll come back here later to see it. Thank you and God’s blessings…

    • rodi
      mai 24, 2016 @ 14:41:53

      Yes Chris, Florin Barbu and his wife were having arguments because his wife was not interested in staying in the marriage anymore, as someone else came into the picture. Due to her calls to the authorities when they would quarrel, CPS stepped in and after evaluating the situation, not only removed the dad, FlorinBarbu from the home, but then removed the children from the mother as well. From the get go, the children were to be given into adoption to a gay couple, one of the adoptive parents being a CEO of an energy company in London, whom Florin had sometime given rides to in his taxi. Florin is not considered a suitable parent because he does not have a permanent house or lots of money. Never mind that he has spent ecery cent going to court and trying to get his kids back. He is on his 8th day in front oc the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, really intent ob bot stopping unless they do something for him and as you can imagine, we are all worried because he cannot just die tryong, his kids will need him, whenever that time frame will allow him to see them or have them again. That is why we are praying fervently for God to intervene and for romanians to go meet him and encourage him and get some help from the Romanian authorities because so far, no one has even acknowledged him. PS. one interesting aspect to this is that Florin Barbu is orthodox and he went to priests for help and they sent him ti this mountain named Athos that in the orthodox tradition is considered holy and Florin prayed hard for God to help him because he was alone and no one would even care to help or be alongside with him, and just days later he found an entire evangelical community through the Bodnariu case that has been supporting him fro mall over the world with encouragement, a few with finances and are speaking (through FB messages) and praying with him on a daily basis. And, some people ae fasting with him along with their prayers. Who is the person that you know of and what is their reason for their going on a hunger strike?

      • Chris
        mai 25, 2016 @ 03:01:33

        Here is another story of a man who has told me he is going on a hunger strike. He is in London looking for an appropriate location for his hunger strike. I have argued with him that he is making a mistake. He says he is determined, so I am in contact with him and will follow any hunger strike that he attempts. The story can be found on my blog here:

  2. Valeria Iancu
    mai 24, 2016 @ 12:41:57

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  4. octavpelin
    mai 25, 2016 @ 02:31:57

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  5. Chris
    mai 25, 2016 @ 03:04:55

    Thank you for explaining Florin’s story to me, rodi.

    I knew about his hunger strike but knew nothing about the details.

  6. Coca Mirea
    mai 28, 2016 @ 04:14:41

    E prea multa durere in inima si sufletul acestor familii care li s-au luat copilasii 😦 Domnul Presedinte al Romaniei Klaus Iohanis, sunteti un om puternic, care puteti sta in spartura pentru drepturile familiilor romane ori unde s-ar afla! Va rugam insistent sa faceti un apel pentru reintregirea familiilor romane,si acei copilasi ce sufera enorm dupa parinti si parintii pentru copilasi, sa fie realizata prin reintregirea lor. Bunul Dumnezeu sa va binecuvinteze alaturi de frumoasa tara Romaneasca… Unde-i unul nu-i putere…unde-s doi puterea creste,si dusmanul nu sporeste…Haideti sa punem cu totii umerii nostri obositi si sa vada o lume intreaga „CU ROMANIA NU-I DE JOACA…DOAMNE AJUTA…SI VA MULTUMIM DIN SUFLET

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