VIDEO – Protest Against Barnevernet – OSLO 28 May 2016

From the Official Protest PAGE on Facebook –

The so-called CPS, however, condemned by the UN /international law and condemned by the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg. The Constitution says Norwegian laws must be adapted accordingly. There are human rights violations not to conform Norway after this. Https://
document / NL / law /1814-05-17-nn? Q = Constitution #KAPITTEL_5
Did you know that many more people are becoming drug addicts under child welfare than those who grow up in drug abusers. This documented Danish researchers already in 2002. Various groups were investigated.Worse out came these children. ( / = 0 & filid = 0 & iarkiv = 1 ) Did you know that only a small proportion of these children come from homes with substance abuse, sexual abuse and violence. According to child welfare statistics ( This says a lot about why Norwegian child welfare children take their life 8 times more often than other children. ( Http:// Child welfare Children will rarely from horrendous families. It is proven.They miss their sick after their families. Therefore want as many to get it away. We can not have a sort of welfare. We need your help to spread the info. Add members. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Marianne Skånland deschide demonstratia din OSLO 28 mai 2016

Marsul de protest in OSLO 28 mai 2016

Let the children be set free – live video form protest

Human Rights Violations in Norway

Shedding light on Human Rights violations in the country of Norway.
YOU could be the next victim.
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