Norway Prime Minister Comments Publicly on the Bodnariu Case

May God move the hearts and minds of the county commission!

Delight in Truth


For the first time since the Bodnariu children were confiscated by Barnevernet, prime minister Erna Solberg issued a statement in the form of a comment on her FB page. The comment is authentic since it contains the blue check mark issued by FB to personalities who have authenticated their high profile official FB accounts. She wrote in response to Bodnariu supporter Monika David:

„This is an ongoing police investegation on violence against children.”

It turns out that the prime minister got a lot more attention with her comment than she bargained for…

Hundreds of FB users have descended on the post with hundreds of comments and reactions explaining the ignorant and callous nature of the statement.

I left this comment:


Now we know a few things

  1. The PM is clearly aware of the Bodnariu case and the international uprising against her country
  2. The PM is watching the case
  3. The PM…

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