What an awesome day! Delight in Truth has been instrumental in this case for publishing life saving posts, and doing so in the English language, the language understood by most people around the world. I am almost certain that some families have been saved by their reading of the valuable information published here. May God richly bless the blog owner, a man of God, and a voice for those most vulnerable, we are honored to know and collaborate with such a man and may God use us in advancing His kingdom and in helping our brothers and sisters and anyone that God sends our way!

Here, now, is the post we’ve all been waiting for:

Delight in Truth


Hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of social media posts, mailings, e-mails, phone calls and meetings.

Tens of millions of hits on various domestic and international news articles in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Millions of visits to various blogs and news outlets.

Approximately 270,000 visitors/views at Delight in Truth, and many more at Agnus Dei, Popas Pentru Suflet and other blogs.

After 6 and a half months of THIS tremendous international pressure, Norway is returning all 5 Bodnariu children to their parents. 

But in this difficult process, God has accomplished something much greater.

God has used the suffering of one family to expose an entire system. He has awakened the sleeping giant, the world-wide evangelical Romanian church to unite and to show the world what is going on in Norway and other European countries.

Due process violation and state sponsored child…

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