„CPSul Norvegian intotdeauna va gasi ceva gresit odata ce a pus piciorul in prag….” Steven Bennett


READ ABOUT THIS CASE at DELIGHT IN TRUTH – https://delightintruth.com/2016/06/09/barnevernet-observed-my-daughter-hugging-me-a-lot/

Barnevernet a observat fata mea ca ma imbratiseaza prea mult

„CPSul Norvegian intotdeauna va gasi ceva gresit odata ce a pus piciorul in prag.
Acesta este unul din multele motive nebune pe care Barnevernet il da, in prepararea cazurilor ca este inevitabil sa smulgi si sa insfaci copilul de la mamica si taticul lui.
Acesta este un extras din acest articol:
TDupa experienta mea cu Bv, e mai bine doar sa pleci din Norvegia daca vreodata ajungi implicat cu ei. Daca nu exista probleme evidente, ei vor afla una pe care sa cladeasca. Daca ei nu afla una, o vor inventa si vor cauta dovezi ca sa isi sustina minciuna. In anii mei de contact, ei au implementat „indrumare” si „masuri de ajutor” dar inca nici azi nu au definit adecvat, exact de ce anume sunt ei ingrijorati…” – Steve Bennett

As raspunde eu – bani, de aia sunt ingrijorati, si cu gandul la bani nu mai vad cat rau fac cu grija sa adune cat mai multi.

Traducere –Pro Bodnariu


Steven Bennett:

Norway’s CPS will always find something wrong with a family as soon as they have one foot in the door.

This is one of many crazy reasons barnevernet will give, in preparing the asset (child) for its inevitable snatch and grab away from his/her mummy and daddy.

This is an excerpt from this short article:

…According to my experiences with bv, it’s better to just leave Norway if you ever get involved with them. If there’s no obvious problem they’ll find one to escalate. If they don’t find one they’ll invent one and look for evidence that could support it. In my year(s) of contact, they were implementing “guidance” and “help measures” but still even now have not properly defined what they have been concerned about…


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    About UK. This is an intersting link. Sorry to place it here. I’ll also try to find another place.

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      sa fuga si din Suedia, Finlanda, Anglia si cine stie cate alte tari…cine poate si nu sunt urmariti, si noi zicem sa plece rapid cu copiii in Romania.

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