Europarlamentarul Tomas Zdechovsky si Cristian Cazacu vor protesta in Oslo, Norvegia

Tomas Zdechovsky Protest OSLO, NORWAY

Prague, Oslo:
On Saturday, June 11th, long prepared demonstration against practices of Norwegian CPS, Barnevernet, will be held. Norwegian organizers, with whom is Tomas Zdechovsky, member of European Parliament, estimates that over 1000 people should participate. Symbolic for this protest will again be broken roses which will represent devastated childhood of hundreds of forcibly taken from thein families and unnecesarily isolated.

Tomas Zdechovsky from Czechia will be there to remind destiny of Michalaks boys and unlawful procedure of Barnevern against this Czech family. „I believe that Eva’s case will be among those which Norwegian government backwardly look through following its public promise from December,“ Tomas Zdechovsky said before demonstration. He wrote a personal letter to Minister Solveig Horne two months ago joining previous plea written by Jitka Chalankova, member of Czech Parliament, and lawyers of Eva Michalakova, demanding that Mrs. Secretary should queue the Michalaks family case between those to be probed again.

Romanian singer Cristian Cazacu will also be present in Norway. He sang the song Let the children be set free, which became hymn of fight for returning children wrongfuly taken by force from their biological parents. It was the Romanian family of Bodnariu that won her more than half-year fight over its five children against the Barnevern.

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  1. octavpelin
    iun. 11, 2016 @ 02:33:23

    Reblogged this on Octavpelin's Weblog.

  2. eliodora
    iun. 11, 2016 @ 11:55:23

    Nu am auzit nimic de Avramescu si Nan! Hotii de copii sa dea inapoi ce au furat.URGENT!Sunt destul de traumatizati toti !!!Doamne FA TU DREPTATE !

    • rodi
      iun. 11, 2016 @ 16:55:44

      Ar trebui cautati sotii Avramescu. De ei doar din ziar am citit. Am vrea sa stim ce se intampla, dar se poate ca i-au speriat si i=au mintit si pe ei, spunandule ca daca tac isi vor primi copii inapoi???

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