Peter Costea – Barnevernet Responds – with Falsehoods » Royal Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality letter to Peter Costea

Peter Costea Foto Parlamentul

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  1. Anne Harila
    iun. 28, 2016 @ 02:23:36

    My name is Anne Harila, I am running and owner of laserclinic for people who has pain. Pain treatments of different kind.
    I have also runned one laserclinic in Timisoara, RO in many years, and I recived a price from Bucharest- Military Technologial University in 2010. I have worked with Low Level Lasers in 43 years.
    Norway with their different Authorities started to put falsehoods against me- I had to meet in Markedsrådet in Oslo, I was alone against 12 lawyers who are employed by the Barne- and likestillingsdepartement, and of course I lost the case there.

    THEY HAVE FORBIDDEN ME to use scienttific documentation, in this 12 lawyers room in Markedsrådet, I am forbidden to defend myself.

    They punished me for one article in one magazine, it was one lady I have treated for her illness, she was ill in more than 40 years- and get cured by lasertreatments, and they punished me also that it was one small picture of me together with the patient in this magazine, so this is forbidden for me, they punished me for my webpage- which are not different from other webpages in the same field, I host my webpage in Sweden now, because in Sweden the host will not close my webpage without to go to cord. The webpage who I had earlier in Norway was told that they willl be punished to host my webpage. I have all documentation how crazy seek Norway are. NO FREEDOM, NO HUMAN RIGHTS. I regret that I left Timiisoara with my laserclinic, but since I am norwegian from lappland in north I feel they discriminate me hardly.

    And they have forbidden my staff and me to answer questions from people who is asking something on facebook, we are punsihed for that.
    They shoot down my webpage once, and done many other ugly things against me.

    I sent claim to the Barne-and likestilllingsdepartementet- and they wrote a very similar letter to me yesterday, as they wrote to Mr. Peter Costea.

    Norway is not a land of freedom, we can not speak anylonger, this is true. I have experience with Barne-og liketillingsdepartementet which are responsible for the Consumer Authority -(Forbrukerombudet and Markedsrådet) they are not ar cord room, but they punished me with NOK 400.000,-. I do not understand that Norways Goverment have made a lot of ” associations” as barnevernet, fylkesnemda, markedsrådet, forbrukerombudet and a lot more, and that they can take away children as they like, and that they can shut down webpages, discriminate companies and punish people for nothing. THIS IS NORWAY`s „jugdesitetribunals” without really cordrooms, and in my case it is mentioned that I am forbidden to send claim, and this is the end.
    I have long fight with them, they shot down my clinic first time i 2006, with police with lies- and falsehoods. Exactly this case I won, but got ruined by lawyercosts.

    I am not giving up, I am working alone without lawyers- I do not have money to get help, and that was their jugdetribunals hope, because then they can do what they want. I will no try to take the case to the cord, so I am working on in hope to the get justice, but it is not easy in this dictatorship country. Please belive me, I have not done anything wrong.
    I wanted only to tell that I have experience with the same people as you- in the Norwegian Goverment.

    I am sorry to write all this, but I want you to know that it is not only with children Norway play games, but also other.
    Thank you for reading.


    • Avram
      iun. 30, 2016 @ 21:00:45

      Anne Harila,
      Very interesting. So you think Norway has a dictatorship government? Theres also other cases like yours there? We are thinking to publish your letter on our blog with your permission. God bless you.


  2. Chris
    iun. 29, 2016 @ 00:50:43

    I agree with Mr. Costea.

    This response is pretty clear. The Barnevernet in Norway answers to no one but itself.

    As far as I have been able to tell, almost none of the leaders, politicians, media, or those directly responsible for child welfare in Norway seem concerned with child welfare at all.


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