Our Life of Hell in England

Andreea Sutton Bradeanu

Our Life of Hell in England

My name Bradeanu Andreia (also known as Andreia Sutton ) I am 31 years old and I have 3 children. I am writing you this letter with the hope and confidence that you can help us.
This is the nightmare of our lives:

In December 1999, when I was 14, I met an English man of 49 years old. This man is called Robert Sutton, who came in Romania together with some other British in 1990 with charity aid for the poor. When we met, I started to go with this man everywhere to translate for him. I had no idea that this man had in mind other reasons for being friendly with me. At that moment I saw him as a man who could be my father and nothing more. He helped my family and seemed a good man, good carer, compassionate and said he was a Christian. He informed me that he was married and had children, but he was in the process of divorce because his wife was alcoholic and jealous.

In early 2000, Robert began to see me as his potential ”woman”. We had much time together as friends, but then he asked me marry him. I was scared and shocked because of the age difference… Eventually I accepted. I was 15, my parents have agreed. My mother thought he would take care of me being older and I will not have a hard and tormented life like her. I told my parents that I do not love him in that way. My father replied: ‘Love, passion, will come in time.’

Everyone in my family liked Robert and it seemed like he won their sympathy and friendship and their heart by his way of being so good and generous as he seemed, by all the good things that he did for people in need from Romania. I agreed to marry him and……

I agreed to marry him and I had planned to get married when I would turn 16 years old to be legal in England. In time I began to attach him. We moved together and went everywhere together. I got pregnant with his first child at the age 15. Before I turned 16, our son David was born. When I turned 16, we married in Romania and afterwards we went to England in 2001. I had no more peace in England because of the media, which watched us everywhere and wrote all kinds of articles about us, more about him because of the age difference.

Andreea Sutton cu copiii

I got pregnant with the second child, and in 2003 I gave birth to our daughter Naomi. Meanwhile, Robert had the idea to bring in and live with us another young girl of 17 years old to help us with the children and also to help her financially as her family was poor. Robert knew the family of this young girl since 1990 as myself from the moment we met. Knowing that family and being influenced by Robert, we agreed to bring Nicoleta to us in England. Little did I know about the intentions of Robert and Nicoleta. I did not know it then, but they were in a secretly adultery relationship. After 6 months of lies, their relationship came to light. Me personally I caught them both in bed in our house in the middle of the night. After a short time, I learned that Nicoleta was pregnant with my husband. At that time I had two children, I was 19 and I was totally dependent on my husband. I decided to forgive him and try to fix our family. I made a big mistake. Since then nothing had worked anymore, nothing could be repaired. Robert began to keep going between me and her all the time.

While I was still in England, his eldest daughter from his first marriage, made a charge after 30 years, addressed to her father as that he sexually abused her at the age of between 7-13 years old when she was little. The reason of that accusation after so many years, was that Donna, his daughter, did not want our daughter Naomi to get hurt as happened to her. But my ex-husband Robert, always said that his daughter from his first marriage Donna made this accusation because he left them – his children from his first marriage – for me. The police investigated, the child protection investigated, Robert moved out of the house until they investigated. After investigating, the police decided not to go further, for it was not enough evidences, but saying that the allegations seemed credible. So, child protection decided that Robert can move back home. As far as I knew this case was finished and buried and that we can go on with our lives.

The relationship between me and Robert was volatile, unstable, in strife. Our daughter, the third child was born in December 2004. Nicoleta gave birth to Bianca, daughter of Robert in March 2005. Then Robert asked me to divorce him, to marry Nicoleta. So, in this way to be able to bring Nicoleta legally in England.The reason given was that he could not live at peace knowing that one of his children lives difficult in Romania without one parent, knowing how would reach my heart that reason because he knew that neither I did not have both parents together from the age of 2 and how much that hurt me and affected me even in the adult life. This is why we divorced in Romania on the basis of adultery on his part. He married Nicoleta and brought her to England with their daughter. Meanwhile, Robert moved with Nicoleta and their daughter, and I lived with my children separately.

I moved to another county, and in that county, child protection decided to reopen the case on charges brought by Robert’s daughter Donna. I was a young mother with three children and no ‘partner / spouse’, all alone I took care of my children; they were not abused or neglected in any way. They had everything that was possible to have, except their father and mother together. I grew up my children with manners, respect, christianly, cared for, etc. The only thing was that Victoria and David have been diagnosed with ADHD in Romania and England and were on treatment. With David and Victoria was harder to cope for the reason that they had ADHD and being affected by seeing their dad always coming and leaving with quarrels. Naomi, never had any behaviour problem and was nothing to worry about her.Naomi was that kind of kid that you wouldn’t know she was in the house, an extremely good and obedient child. Same was at school, learned well and was always over the target that was normal at her age.

I attended a course to become a „better” mother and to learn how to cope better with David and Victoria. I started to deal with my children much better and that progress was evident in behaviours of David and Victoria.

All of a sudden shown up the Child Protection at my door because the neighbour next door, called them and reported that David and Victoria were in garden with knives – children actually said they were cutting grass with a knife in the garden. I was busy wrapping things in the house because we were moving, but I kept checking on them from time to time.

Since the Child Protection shown up at the door, everything fell apart. They began making false reports about me, about children, and my ability as a parent. They went to the family court in Liverpool and applied to put the children on the Child Protection List based on ‘risk of sexual abuse’ ‘from their father because of accusations of his daughter Donna. I arrived to be at the courthouse every day, from morning to afternoon for the decision of one (family) judge if Robert was sexually abusing his daughter Donna.
This case was about Robert, and then suddenly came against me and the children without warning, and took my children from my care. Considering that I was no longer with their father and that he lived with Nicoleta and their child, with another one on the way, the judge clearly said: I do not take your children because you’re a bad mother or because you don’t love your children, but as long as we are in court every day, you cannot give them proper care or to give them the attention they need. This comment, gave me the impression that after the case ends with Robert, my children will be left back home to me, their mother.

After weeks of research, the judge decided that Robert has sexually abused his daughter when she was the age of 7 to 13 – before we met each other. Besides, he considered my age and his when we met and then his involvement with Nicoleta when she was 17, so he decided that Robert is a predator with inclination to young girls. The Court then decided straight away that Robert and I can no longer be in touch, putting a restrictive order for contacting each other saying that if we had contact, the children will be placed in the permanent local care authority. These people, professionals, with their own mouths said that this Robert Sutton is dangerous, liar, manipulator. But on the other side they expected a girl who stayed with this dangerous man, manipulator, to detach him instantly. These people are the ones who are supposed to know that these things take time and victim needs professional help to break free from the abuser. I paid privately the counselling therapy hours after the Local Authority stopped paying the hours that the court told them to pay for me. My adviser, wrote a positive report about my progress of detaching the father of my children and my ability to protect the children. This report and other evidence were ignored by the court.

I learned child psychology and course of work with children. I took course for being a better mother, as well I took a course for me to understand and deal with children with ADHD. My youngest daughter and my son both were diagnosed with ADHD in Romania, as in England. Child protection and court refused and ignored this diagnosis, saying that children do not have ADHD, but it is all because I was not a good mother and I didn’t know how to grow them. I paid 21 hours in particular (£ 50 per hour), to continue with this professional lady. I managed to mature, to detach from the children’s father. I did everything needed to give me back my children, however, they have not kept their word and continued to write lies and negative things about me. I am remarried with a Romanian and we have all the possibilities to grow the kids and to care about all their needs. This as well, does not make any difference for these people.

Recently my son David was diagnosed in England as having ADHD though, and other special needs. This diagnosis is the third to confirming that the two doctors (from Romania and UK) were right and they actually knew my child has this problem. My question is – where I sit now in full humiliation of all my son behave in certain ways because of the way I taught my children? Where do I stand in all pushing down by these people and the court, which always looked down on me, offended me, humiliated and mocked me? This diagnosis of my son, proves that my children were kept away from their mother all these five years under false pretenses… My son David was born in Romania, he is a Romanian citizen, he is 14 now, but they refuse to make him bulletin. These people take away my son’s right of a Romanian citizen by refusing his right of having his own bulletin. The middle daughter Naomi, is not sleeping because she misses her mother. She is so stressed and worried so that this is manifested by bleeding nose, needing ice to relieve pain and swelling nose. Besides, she is suffering headaches … Naomi is only 11 years old and already has this problem due to stress. All these things were hidden from me. The youngest one, Victoria has nightmares during the night and hits her head against the wall to sleep. She does it even when she’s awake, breaks things in the house, banging on those who care for them, then cry as they would like these people to die because they stop her to see her mother. Besides, they brainwash the children telling them that I don’t love them and try to turn my children against me.

I got to sneak stealthily and disguise to see my children when they go to school, and I saw that this gave Naomi and David confidence and courage. I bought phones for my daughter to have contact with her mother. Each time they found it they confiscated them. Both daughters always say to people where they live and about the local authority, and that they want to go home but they stop them to see their mother. Naomi arrived to tell me to disguise into an old woman to go to see her at school. It is clear that he wants to see his mother. She had four phones, all of them they took. They are not allowed in pause to play outside with friends. It is worse than in jail. I ended up paying to see what is mine, my own children… So I had costs at the court, legal representation and even the chance to go to jail because I saw my children. The children are my children, not theirs. I had these children in my womb, I went through pains, sleepless nights and raised and educated my children to have good manners and to love God. I went through all this, so that now others to steal my children and keep them away from their mother against their will and their mother’s will. They are my children, yet social workers decide for them. My children were abused emotionally and physically in the care of this authority. They had all their childhood stolen. It hurts me because my kids don’t have the chance to be children, to run over the hills and plains of Romania with children, as I did. My kids don’t have this beautiful childhood memory like their mother, but trauma and nightmare. There is not correct or human what is happening.

It seems like nobody cares and it is easier to turn their back. Same prime-minister David Cameron, Prince Charles, the Queen and the rest of the royal family and the Romanian Embassy in London, to whom I wrote. It’s hard to know that there’s so much indifference in this world and so much corruption. Now child protection applied to court to stop the contact with my kids and to throw me into prison behind the bars, in order to remove me from my children’s lives for good, so that they can continue their corrupt professional work.

Andreea Sutton

I asked since two years to give me all the records that they have about me and the kids. Two years since they have lied to me about these records and kept twisting me. They do not want to give them to me because they know that I will take the children home and that I can sue them if I have this information at my hand. They had broken the law for two years and still do, however, they get away with it every time and the law does nothing for this. The Courthouse emitted a court order on March 11, 2015, that they shall give me EVERYTHING they rely on as evidence, but they did NOT sent me EVERYTHING as the court ordered, so because of this on April 23rd the hearing was postponed until June 8, 2015. Even till now they did NOT sent me everything as they didn’t on June 8 last year and now again will be a waste of time, costs and stress.

I represent myself, with the only help of a Christian friend who helps me prepare the case, because there was no lawyer to fight for us. All the lawyers are friends and know each other. That is why these lawyers do not communicate and do not work with me as the court told them to. When I go to meetings with them, what they write then, after leaving office they delete the original and rewrite falsehoods. As I struggle more for my kids and do not let it go, the harder it becomes to confront these people. The stronger I go further, the stronger become their wickedness, and their lies become more stocky and powerful. I began to feel disheartened, seeing how nobody cares and how far they are able to go only to destroy people’s lives when it comes to salary and bonuses.

I got to eat pills every day to cope with my depression and headaches that I wake up every day. I cannot take it anymore … all I really want is my kids home, to their mother where they belong and where they are happiest. Only their mother can grow them and develop best … Even our own Romanian language they do not allow us to speak, therefore my children do not speak Romanian anymore at all after they did fluently before they took them from me. We are threatened that if we speak Romanian during the contact they will stop the contact and call the police. I am not invited to the celebrations, school meetings with parents, or any meetings about my children, medical doctors, etc. I’ve never seen my children since December 2014. My kids are not allowed to play outside with other children, at school do not let them out during the break. My daughters are crying and collapsing emotionally to all this, because of how are treated. They ended up in quarrels between them as sisters because of the stress and discomfiture, tell each other cruel words instead of being strong together and love each other. These people destroy my children. Many, have no idea what happens in reality with these authorities, on the contrary they look down at you when they hear you have your kids taken away, thinking that you did something as parent or you were not able to have your children home.

Judge threatened us that if we tell outside what happens inside the court she has the power to put us in jail. If it is to be thrown behind the bars because I love my children and do not give up on them, so be it … as long as I live and my children live through me, as long as the stars are in the sky, I do not give up on my kids. These people are cruel, barbaric reincarnation of Hitler, are inhumane. However they say that they have the best interests for my children… I believe the evidence and the facts say it all. My son calls me every night in secret to read him the Bible and to tell him Our Father, so he may fall asleep. That we did also when they were home… What is wrong in the fact that the child wants me to read him stories so he can fall asleep? Because that reminds him of the time when he was home? There is nothing wrong with that, but with the cruelty and wickedness from these people.

Please help me to get my children back… this is all I want and that my children to suffer no more. I was a victim of their father and for that I and my kids, we pay for it, and he is free perfectly fine… Where is the justice? You rely on authorities to help you, but instead they abuse of power. They put restrictions to not go near my children and do not even talk to them, otherwise they will put me in jail, or I will be subject of a fine or they will take goods from the house. That is written on the court order and I received the same threat from them, to intimidate and to scare me, that if I see my kids or talk to them, I go in jail. I have never hurt my children, I have no criminal convict, I never had any problem with the authorities, I do not drink, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. However, it seems that when they want to take the children, they find all sorts of excuses and lies. In meanwhile, a Scottish woman killed her baby, buried him in the woods, they put her in jail and the interesting thing is that she sees other kids every 2 weeks. I did not do any harm to my children, I did not neglected them and I see them only 6 times a year, and now they want me to stop all contact with my children and they have already enforced that. Even the criminals in prison have more rights….

Where is the justice? All close their eyes to what is happening. These are the words of 11 year old daughter Naomi, written in the messages sent to me by mobile phone:
‘’So are you (amazing, Mum), because you are beautiful inside out.’’ ‘’And you’ll always be, because no one can stop us even if they tried.’’ ‘’I love you my beautiful parents.’’ I know, we will always be together and the only person to blame is the judge.’’ You and dad amaze me, because you are kind, loving and stylish.’’ Love you to the moon and back again, but a lot more. Our love is an 8 because the loops don’t end.’’ You (Mum) will always be the thing that keeps me going.’’ ‘’I never believed them (CPS) anyway. If you ever tell a lie you need to make it believable and they are rubbish at it.’’ ‘’Because their heads (CPS) are hollow and know nothing.’’ ‘’I will fight to go home even if it’s the last thing I do.’’ ‘’You once told me it might happen, so when we got to foster carers, social services said, it was a little holiday so I said no it’s not.; we are in foster care, then I threw a massive tantrum screaming I want to go home. The tantrum went on for ages.’’ ‘’They said it was a little holiday, it turns out they meant a life time.’’ ‘’They are so twisted if they think they can ruin lives for a wage. One day I will fight for us and other people who don’t deserve this.’’ ‘’We are human too, but they treat us like the piece of dirt on the bottom of their shoe and I won’t stand for that.’’ ‘’I really love you and dad.’’ ‘’ I love you to infinity and beyond.’’ God bless you. Sweet dreams. I love you forever lots. Hugs and kisses.’’ ‘’Get well soon (Mum), I pray for you.’’ ‘’I love you forever. You are my mum, home and best friend.’’ Facebook: Andreea Bradeanu. You are my biggest blessing from the Lord that I have. I love you all infinitely and back and unconditionally – 11 January at 22:42 Simone Rose (Naomi) U 2. If u was not my mum and someone else was i don’t know how i would live, as u keep me going.” I believe these words said by a 11 years old child explain everything…
I have not seen my children since December 2014, and that without reason. These people refuse constantly to respect the court decision and to serve the mother with everything what the judge said. They always did this, always put me down, they humiliate me, they misjudged me and mistreated me, behaving towards me unfairly. The judge sees everything that happens and still is on their side, and allows this corruption in her court. Better even told, the judge contributes to that corruption, because she sees everything that happens and yet ignore and refuse to do something. I have also proofs in written form and audio recordings with them proving they lied. I cannot take it anymore, I have reached the point of despair. I came to regret that I stepped in England, so they would steal my children and abusing us like that. Such things you do not see in Romania. The foster care parents of the girls, Louise and Alistair Nutting, lied to the police that I harassed, cursed and I used pretty ugly language. Without them knowing, I recorded those incidents that prove that they made false reports about us, knowing that are false. From the beginning, when we met, this young couple looked at us from above. We were dragged to the police and put into the cell 12 hours, kept without water 2 hours, neglected with migraine and in cold. They treated us very ugly and racist because we are Romanians. British police in Meseyside assaulted us physically in front of daughters Victoria and Naomi. Since September 2015 we were dragged by police, and re-arrested illegally, without citations of the rights, etc. The same was also the first ” illegal ” arrest, where our audio proves the abuse of power. Police put us restriction not to enter in the city to ensure we stay away from our children. Louise and Alistair Nutting, not just the police, made false accusations about us, they wrote and gave false statements and false testimony under oath in court. Louise and Alistair, and the social worker Kath Groves, scared Victoria that we would kidnap her and said in court that I was at Victoria’s school to kidnap her. On May 17 we had to go to the court in Liverpool, so the Police and the Court looked at all our records and theirs. The main trial is set on June 13, when will be decided what will happen with us. I asked my daughter Naomi to appear in court as a witness. The Court said that it is not guaranteed, because the Child Protection will say that there is not for her interest. This is the reason always used by them, when Naomi told them she wants to come to the court and give testimony. Naomi told me they would not let her to go to the court, they do not let Naomi because she knows too much about what is going on and they do not want to make that publicly. This is yet another broken legal right. There is so much to tell you, if I would have to say, then I would write a big book … Please excuse my grammar, or other mistyping failure, I wrote this letter crying, also my Romanian language is not so good being since so long time away.

This is my phone number: 00447568329005,
email address: andreia.bradeanu@yahoo.com

Sincerely, Andreia Bradeanu.

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  1. Chris
    iun. 30, 2016 @ 09:43:57

    Thank you for sharing this story, rodi.

    There are many strange stories, similar in ways to this one, coming out of England. There are many questions I have but what is printed here is enough if it is accurate. Andreia seems to have a good memory. I have heard of a story in England that is somewhat similar in that there is no justification that his son is taken. He has stated, and I need to follow up one of these days, that the problem is a big one in England. I understand that they have „forced adoptions” there. These types of adoptions are necessary when there is abuse and should be but, from the account printed here, this case has all of the earmarks of removing children from a biological mother who cares and is willing to take responsibility for her own children.

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