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Andreea Sorina Avrămescu

Andreea Sorina Avrămescu, românca stabilită în Norvegia care a fost condamnată definitiv la închisoare, s-a întâlnit miercuri cu băieții ei. Ar putea fi ultima întâlnire dintre mamă și copii, deoarece Andreea ar putea fi expulzată, iar băieții au fost luați de lângă părinți de celebra Barnevernet.

Potrivit unei programări din această primăvară, pe 6 iulie, Andreea a avut dreptul să-și vadă copiii. De la 13 la 16, ora Norvegiei, ea a putut să-i îmbrățișeze. Cum este foarte posibil ca după sentința din penal să fie redeschis procesul de decădere din drepturile parentale, aceasta ar putea fi ultima lor întâlnire. La penultima, din 1 iunie, a participat și Roberto.

Cititi mai mult aici – http://www.evz.ro/imagini-de-la-ultima-intanire-a-unei-mame-cu-baietii-ei-foto-in-articol.html

Mai mult e despre cazul Avramescu aici –

Tot de la EVZ (Evenimentul Zilei)

Părinţii acuzaţi de VIOLENŢĂ împotriva propriilor copii în Norvegia au fost CONDAMNAŢI la închisoare

Părinţii acuzaţi de VIOLENŢĂ împotriva propriilor copii în Norvegia au fost CONDAMNAŢI la închisoare
Andreea şi Roberto Cruz au fost condamnaţi la două luni de închisoare în Norvegia, după ce au fost acuzaţi de acte de violenţă împotriva propriilor copii.

[cititi articolul complet în Evenimentul Zilei]

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  1. Chris
    iul. 07, 2016 @ 22:57:57

    I’ve used google translate on the this and the last post you put up on this case, rodi.

    What did the parents do to deserve prison time? Did they spank their kids?

    I know spanking is against the law in Norway, but 2 months in prison and loss of the children?

    Is there something that I don’t know that would make this punishment of the parents just?

    • rodi
      iul. 07, 2016 @ 23:15:56

      They were accused of spanking the kids. The parents have not come out in public until recently, but the court must have found them ‘not guilty’ because the court ruled that the children should be returned , the ruling given more than a year ago. Yet, Barnevernet refused to return the children and made up new documents in which they again accused the parents and ordered the mother to leave the country. And then, just recently, they ordered them both to serve prison sentences for committing violence against their children. These two subsequent rulings come after the court had already judged their case and ruled in favor of the parents. Barnevernet being above the law, they just do whatever they wish anyways. This is probably one of the more disgusting actions that Barnevernet has taken, considering that both parents are hearing impaired and they are destroying the family by exiling the mother, so that she can never see her children again. So to answer tour last question, no, Barnevernet fabricated evidence after the judge ordered that the children be returned to the parents. It’s that bad…

      • Chris
        iul. 08, 2016 @ 00:24:08

        Thank you for this information, rodi.

        This is a very important case in my mind. It shows that the Barnevernet is not afraid to do whatever they please. It is without concern, for the most part, about what others think.

        I hope this case gets a great deal of note by the Romanian community and the rest of the world. The Barnevernet needs to be exposed and their abusive philosophies need to be done away with.

        If time allows, I will add this case to the ones that I am focusing on presently. I have a place on my blog which has three cases on which I have focused.

        The main story I am continuing to tell, about Nadia and Caspian, is the fourth story I’m tracking.

        Thank you for giving attention to this story, rodi.

        May God bless our efforts to help others see the problems in Norway, the U.K., and other Nordic countries.

  2. octavpelin
    iul. 08, 2016 @ 01:46:47

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  3. Valeria Iancu
    iul. 08, 2016 @ 03:21:25

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