Happy 13th birthday Naomi Sutton!!!

La Multi Ani NAOMI ! Happy 13th Birthday NAOMI !

La Multi Ani NAOMI ! Happy 13th Birthday NAOMI ! 9 iulie 2016

Dearest Naomi Sutton,

as you celebrate your birthday today, I want you to think of all of the thousands of friends of your dear mon, Andreea, are sending their thoughts and prayers out towards you and your sister Victoria.

You both are loved more than you can imagine! Your mom thinks daily of you! Your mom speaks daily of you, her wonderful loving daughters! And even though she cannot be with you, she is there in spirit and her love can encompass your hearts. If she could, shoe would give you both the world.

It was only yesterday when you arrived,
a little bundle we all could love,
It was only yesterday when I rocked you to sleep,
the love I felt way down deep,
It was only yesterday When I gave you my heart,
A mother’s love that would never part,
It was only yesterday when I finally knew,
you had grown up and the years had flew,
It was only yesterday you were my little girl,
today you are a teenager entering our world,
It was only yesterday when your hugs I could borrow,
but the best part begins tomorrow!
The best of your life has yet to begin,
and as your grow older you’ll look within,
And one day as you sit with your children
you’ll look down as you watch them play,
And you’ll think back to this day and say………
It was only yesterday !!!!




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