Andreia Bradeanu: My dear husband, Alex, thank you for being a strong tower under which I can cry for my kids

Dear readers, you may have already read Andreia Bradeanu’s story in our article entitles –Our life of hell in England. If you have not read it, please read it first and you will then appreciate more fully this present essay from Andreia which is not only a thank you letter to her wonderful husband, but it also gives us a glimpse into her life without her precious children.

Andreia and Alex Bradeanu


My dear husband Alex , today is your birthday, I thank God for the privilege of sharing with you this day from your life. I thank God for the opportunity of sharing with you the most bad moments, but also the most beautiful and blooming times. Together, we had many things, some less beautiful and good, some so wonderful and special and memories that caught root in me which I ‘ll never forget. We traveled together as in any marriage on the steep hills and on the plains blooming with color and the sweet smell of flowers and yet still growing together.

Alex Bradeanu

Thank you, because you love my children like yours, in fact, you love them as your own children, showing them warmth and love. In return, they love you too and choose to call you Dad and Daddy. The children are proud of you and will be prouder when they know what you’ve done for them and their mother all these years, especially in the recent months.

Thank you for the help that you give me in the house, cooking, washing, cleaning ….. for all your talents which you have and always know how to repair or put things right all . Thank you for taking care of me when I’m sick, for bringing me medication, making lemonade, for encouraging me to drink water and bring food to me in bed.

Alex Bradeanu cu Naomi si VictoriaThank you for being my tower, under which I can take shelter and cry for the children, ….. to which you come to hug and encourage me .

Thank you for the lunch you make for me for work in the mornings and let me stay longer in bed .

Thank you for your example of humility, for the knowledge of God’s Word, and for wanting to always please God. Thank you for you teaching me to be a woman, even if sometimes it looked like you were a little harsh correcting me, I thank you, because today what and who I am, is with your help, through the responsibility the Lord has given to you.

Thank you for the hard work and for sacrificing yourself to bring „the daily bread” home”.

Thank you for waiting for me outside police station 18 hours.

Andreia And Alex BradeanuThank you for many other things not mentioned. Wow ! You are doing all this for me and my children, at such a young age…. and I haven’t always appreciated it and I’m sorry.

Now, that I am sitting here to write and think, I see how the Lord has blessed me and what I next to me. Honestly, you’ve made a huge difference in my life for the best. I want to love you forever and grow strong in the Lord together as a family. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

With all mine and the children’s love, wishing you a life full of holiness towards the Lord and that He will transform you by sculpting you into a man after God’s own heart. May you guide and teach us in the Lord daily so that when we  look at you, we will see the Lord.

I love you, Andreia xoxoxox

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