The COALITION for FAMILY urges the Romanian Parliament to organize a referendum for the protection of marriage and the family

Romanian parliament

Here is the press release in English:

The Coalition for Family welcomes the unanimous decision of the Constitutional Court, that has decided that the legislative proposal, supported by the signatures of 3 million Romanian citizens, seeking to enshrine in the Constitution marriage as ”exclusive union of a man and a woman”, fulfills legal requirements.

As any potential obstacles related to constitutionality, legality and procedure have been cleared, the Romanian Parliament can in no way elude its responsibility. The champions of the revision proposal are asking the Senate and House of Representatives to debate and adopt the draft law in an emergency procedure, so that the revision referendum may be held at the same date as the 2016 general elections.

We consider that the Court’s decision is only natural, and a victory of democracy over ideology. Our demarche is a democratic one, since the laws, including the Constitution, must be consistent with the values of the majority of citizens. The revision proposal is also compliant with Romania’s international covenants, and especially the European Convention on Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which protect the family founded on the marriage of one man and one woman.

Marriage and Family are objective, natural, and historically proven realities, from which their legal definition derives: the right to marry is a common right of a man and a woman who can naturally start a family, with the purpose of bearing and rearing children. Family is, thus, foundational to human society and civilization. This is a simple and universal truth, without which “common good” becomes inconceivable.

Background: Under Romanian law, the Constitution can be changed after a proposal by the president, the government, a quarter of the members of parliament or at least 500,000 citizens. Parliament must approve the revision, which must then pass a nationwide referendum.

The Coalition for the Family, a civic initiative, gathered 3 million signatures earlier this year in favor of replacing „spouses” with „a man and a woman”, as only men and women can naturally start a family and raise children.

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