Protest against Forced Adoption at The Houses of Parliament LONDON September 14


Join our Protest against FORCED ADOPTION, LONG TERM FOSTER CARE AND FUTURE RISK OF EMOTIONAL HARM. What I want you all to do is get a doll/dolls to represent your child/children, attach a laminated baby photo of your child to each doll with the date your child was taken and how old they are now. (2015)

Protest Against Forced Adoption - London, United Kingdom September 14, 2016

PLEASE DO NOT ADD NAMES OR LETTERS OR ANYTHING THAT COULD IDENTIFY YOUR CHILD Send your dolls (postcode available from group admin, please add group [uniting and fighting .GIVE OUR CHILDREN BACK!!!], or bring them to the event.) We are going to take the dolls to the houses of parliament and lay them all out for the whole of the UK to see.

We will have reporters there and have media coverage. We want people to see how many children this corrupt system has taken. Of course we wont have the whole amount that are actually stuck in the care system either through forced adoption or long term fostering, but as many as we can get involved will be good. We want to shock the UK into actually taking notice and helping the STOLEN CHILDREN of the UK. WE WANT OUR CHILDREN BACK! So Join in, add your friends and family and lets STAND UP FOR OUR CHILDREN and FIGHT FOR THEM TO BE RETURNED! See You There. note: anyone wanting to get more actively involved please message admin of the group (also comment on a post that you have inboxed) Thank you

Florin Barbu,Andreea Sutton Bradeanu,Eugene Lukjanenko (Soifertis numele de scena ca pianist)

Florin Barbu,Andreea Sutton Bradeanu,Eugene Lukjanenko (Soifertis numele de scena ca pianist)

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