Emails in support of Eugene Lukjanenko, threatened with prison for going public with his son’s case

 Eugene Lukjanenko

Eugene Lukjanenko


For all of you good samaritans out there, please take a few minutes to send out this email (composed by L W, whom we are indebted to) to the following email addresses and help Eugene Lukjanenko stay out of jail. The authorities would love it if this father would just keep quiet and go away, but how can a father not fight for his son? How can a father be silenced and given no legal opportunity to even write about his son on social media? Thanks in advance to all the kind hearted people who will take time out of their own busy schedules to help Eugene.

Please write to

  1. Nico SCHRIJVER: (chairperson)
  2. Tiny KOX (on facebook):
  4. Paul SCHNABEL:
  5. Mart van de VEN:
  6. B. NIEUWENHUIZEN: (registrar)
  7. Anouchka van Miltenburg:
  8. Marit MAIJ (on facebook):

I wrote them all + their substitutes a long text in Dutch.

Or, if you prefer to send one email to all of these dignitaries, here is the list you can copy and paste into the SENDER’S field:,,,,, (registrar),,

You can write in English, for example:

Dear dignitary,
Eugene Lukjanenko and his son J. are Dutch nationals living in the UK, near London. E. Lukjanenko is an international concertpianist with artist’s name Evgeny Soifertis.
His son was 10 yrs. old when he was taken by Medway Council Children’s Services for no legal reasons. Father had no conviction for abuse nor neglect. Three professionals found no „inherited holocausttrauma” mentioned by C.S. Still C.S. intend to keep the son in foster care till he is 18 yrs. They allow 4 supervised meetings a year for father and son. Many human rights and children’s rights are being violated. Father was punished for contacts with media and for not wanting to accept that his son should stay in foster care forever. So they decrease contacts. They want the child to get used to live without his dad. Judge says that the father has to convince the court and the C.S. that it is in the best interest of the son to see his father more than 4 times a year.
Please help stop this inhumanity and intervene for this loving father and his son. All they ask is to live together.
E. Lukjanenko is prepared to go to prison because of exposing abuses of C.S., exposing details of family court hearings. He was on hungerstrike in Strasbourg and in the UK and will go on hungerstrike again and not end till his son comes home.
More information and the link to a documentary in the PETITION that was submitted by E. Lukjanenko to the Petitions Committee of the EU.…/34246-bring-eugenes-son-back-home-im…
Bring Eugene’s son back home immediately! Верните сына …
Eugene’s son is a 13 year-old Dutch citizen. He was forcefully removed from the care of his loving father on the orders of the UK’s Medway Council Children Services …



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