Mike Olari explains what a ‘no vote’ really means and gives some good reasons as to why he (along with many evangelicals) has chosen to vote for Donald Trump in this election.


Lately a lot of people, some more forcefully, others more reticently, are searching for some explanation of either why they are going to vote for Donald Trump for President, or why they will not vote for Trump. Sure most of us are dismayed by the fact that the guy we favored was not selected as the final candidate, therefore we are now expected to vote for someone we did not care for at the beginning.
So alright, just like many of you, I had preferred Ted Cruz, who from my point of view has personal Christian principles that closely resemble my own. Unfortunately I was very disappointed with his attitude toward Donald Trump at the convention. He began to think more about himself than about the future of our country, and yes, the future of the world.

But the thing is, the American democratic process followed its natural course, and…

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