Lista ONG-urilor care au cerut Curții Constituționale să respingă inițiativa Coaliției pentru Familie » open-society-foundation-active-news

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  1. Anthony Ianosel, L.C., Ret.
    oct. 30, 2016 @ 05:00:26


    I wrote on Facebook and Google about the shame and disgrace which Donald Trump’s opponent [family] has visited upon our country, United States of America [even as W/H residents]; and much of my pleadings with my fellow Americans to vote for a Christian America–for a Trump Administration–have been posted and made known to Mr. Trump’s family.

    In 40 years, as a United States Citizen, I have seen the decline of American power and global respect, and I have pleaded many times with previous leaders in the U.S. Senate [including presidents], to spare us from the ravages of ignorance to God Almighty and contempt toward His laws. I and my friends who have studied the perversion of Christian morals in the Anglo-American jurisprudence [and sent same to all republican representatives during the [elder] Bush administration have received many letters of „thank you” for our research and identification of sodomy as a plague and abomination visited upon our nation. This abomination has been expanded since our letter exchanges with late Senator Jessie Helms and Senator Strom Thurmond. I wish that those times of national restraint from abominations, during the reign of the above named republican senators, to come again upon our great bastion of liberty, here upon our North American continent!

    I therefore urge all Christian Romanians, desiring to come refreshing times of national restraint from the abominations that hover dangerously upon our bastion of liberty, to vote with the leader, Donald Trump, who has promised to resurrect those times of national restraint that I alluded to above.

    Kindest regards.


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