Justin Taylor: John MacArthur believes he has a biblical obligation to vote for the worldview of Donald Trump


CITESTE si acest articol in Limba Romana despre alegerile 2016 dintre Hillary Clinton si Donald Trump – Votul fiecaruia conteaza

John MacArthur believes he has a biblical obligation to vote for the worldview of Donald Trump:

In this election, like most that have come before it, we are not voting for the most “righteous” candidate.  Our votes should be cast considering the issues each political party supports, especially when those issues directly contradict Scripture….

one of the panelists: “A vote is a means to an end, it’s the end that matters,” Frazer stated.  He continued, “the ‘lesser of two evils’ issues is only a problem if both candidates would do evil if elected. Neither candidate is the embodiment of evil . . . but we know that one will do evil.  I am going to vote against Hillary Clinton by punching the hole next to Donald Trump’s name. I am not voting for Trump, I am voting against Clinton, for she will do evil.”

MacArthur concluded saying, „the most important ‘agency’ in the world is the church,” and while he is concerned about what happens in the world, he is „far more concerned about what happens in the church.” His final encouragement for the night was that „what happens in America has nothing to do with the kingdom of God”.

FULL VIDEO here – http://masters.edu/summit

In this short clip from the #TMUsummit, John

MacArthur shares his thoughts on voting in the 2016 Presidential Election.

On November 2nd The Master’s University held the first in a series of Summits, this one specifically addressing the 2016 Presidential Election and Current Events. For the full video or more information, please visit masters.edu/summit.

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  1. moniqueloveslabs
    nov. 07, 2016 @ 17:07:26

    How do you NOT vote for Donald Trump when checking the box to vote FOR Donald Trump? I understand there is the sense of expediency to vote against Clinton’s worldview and vision for America and the world, but there are other options! New Conservatives have a candidate with integrity for whom they can vote as a legitimate leader and for a conservative world view…wholistically and unapologetically. Think outside the two party box, America! Evan McMullin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9UBkIdPA-8

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