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  1. 41 de membri ai Congresului SUA le cer politicienilor români oprirea referendumului pentru familie. Toți sunt din Partidul Democrat, susținător al lui Hillary Clinton în campanie
  2. 41 de membri ai Partidului lui Obama și Clinton fac presiuni asupra lui Tăriceanu și Dragnea cerându-le să OPREASCĂ referendumul pentru familie
Saptamina tracuta 41 de congressmeni americani, toti democrati, au transmis o scrisoare Guvernului Romaniei cerind sistarea referendului pentru Articolul 48. Scrisoarea o puteti citi aici: Nu putem califica aceasta actiune decit ca una fara sens, deplorabila, iresponsabila si nepotrivita pentru legiuitorii americani care se pretind a fi stalpi ai democratiei americane si pentru care, cel putin in teorie, drepturile civile si constitutionale, cit mai ales exercitarea lor nestingherita, e o prioritate. Unul din semnatarii scrisorii e dl Al Green, Congressman din Houston. I-am adresat o nota explicind ca scrisoarea legiuitorilor americani e un afront la adresa Romaniei si a voastra, a celor care ati semnat petitia pentru revizuirea Constutitie. I-am sugerat sa-si retraga semnatura. Scrisoarea i-a fost inaintata pe 23 februarie si va vom informa daca va raspunde. Oferim citeva paragrafe iar scrisoarea poate fi citita, in intregime, in engleza, aici:
Dear Mr. Green: Recently I became aware of a letter signed by 41 members of Congress, including yourself, and addressed to prominent members of Romania’s Government requesting that the upcoming constitutional referendum for the protection of marriage as an institution in Romania „not be allowed to proceed.” I am attaching a copy of the letter. I view the letter, as well as your support for its message, as misguided and unfortunate. I am astonished that members of the United States Congress, yourself included, would meddle in Romania’s internal affairs and attempt to stifle the ability of Romania’s citizens to exercise their constitutional rights. (…)
Romanians are deeply traditional and religious, as are the overwhelming majority of African-Americans. The family has plaid a very important role in the survival of both, Romanians and African-Americans. A brief survey of Romania’s history shows that history has not been particularly kind to them and that they survived primarily because of their faith in God and the strong families they have formed.
Same-sex marriage is not a natural progression of human development, but an artificial Western invention. Romania, being a part of the European Union, has been impacted by coercive attempts made by West European states, the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights, to adopt an institution that is entirely alien to their culture, history and social development, as is also to the vast majority of the world community. And now, the same coercive tactics are used by 41 members of the US Congress. It is the right of the Romanian people to express their views on this subject, democratically and freely, just like the citizens of Ireland did in 2015, and without outside interference. Romanians are not second class citizens of the European Union, or of the world community for that matter, to be disallowed what  the citizens of Ireland were permitted to do in May 2015.
Last year, three million Romanian citizens signed a petition designed to allow them to decide the nature and meaning of marriage in the Constitution of their country. They have done so  in strict compliance with Romania’s legal requirements. This was the most significant citizens-initiated constitutional referendum in Romania – ever. As one who is intimately familiar with the vicissitudes the people of Romania faced throughout their history, as well as the cruel communist system under which they were condemned to live for 45 years, I must state, respectfully, that the note from the 41 US congressmen, is, to a great extent, an affront to the 3 million responsible Romanian citizens who signed the petition in support of the constitutional amendment. The US Congressmen who signed the letter, including you Mr. Green, should view the Romanian citizens’ initiative as an expression of the maturity of Romania’s democracy which, unlike that of the United States, was only born at the end of 1989 and, therefore, is much younger. To chastise Romania’s citizens, or look down on them, for exercising their constitutional rights in accordance with their Constitution, is not fitting for a US Congressman. (…)
I am also noting the categorical language in the letter „we respectfully urge such a referendum not to be allowed to proceed.” The language is paternalistic and not reflective of the amiable spirit of the American people. And not of those who believe in freedom and orderly governance.
Furthermore, one is left speechless by the ending comment in the congressional note referencing the possibility that „violence may occur” as a result of the constitutional referendum going forward. What precisely is that supposed to mean? What are the 41 Congressmen attempting to convey here? The people of Romania deserve an explanation or, I would venture to say, an apology. You may be aware that in the last two months hundreds of thousands of Romanians have battled frigid weather to attend public rallies protesting corruption in their country. Without any reports of violence, looting, or criminal acts. Exemplary indeed. Such exemplary civic engagement is proof that the note’s reference to violence is frivolous. (…) Very truly yours, Peter Costea, Attorney at Law, Houston, Texas, February 23, 2017.
Intre timp, presa americana a reactionat si ea, cu stupefactie si critica aspra. Oferim un articol:

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