VIDEO George Alexander la Biserica Penticostală Golgota Hunedoara

O cantare in primul minut si apoi discurs de 5 minute – George Alexander la  Biserica Penticostală Golgota Hunedoara (FOTOS) In video integral, discursul dlui George Alexander de la minutul – 1:41:00)

„Dumnezeu sa va binecuvanteze.  Sunt scriitorul George Alexander si am venit sa va rog, sa va cer sa va rugati si pentru zecile de suflete si chiar miile de copii rapiti din familiile lor de cei care se cred niste extensii ale lui Dumnezeu. Am venit sa va rog sa va rugati pentru sufletele parintilor lor. Acesti oameni abandonati, la pamant, uitati de toti. Multi dintre ei se gandesc sa-si puna capat zilelor.
Am trait in Norvegia 20+ ani. Toata lumea a auzit de cazul Bodnariu, familia cu cinci copii…..

VIDEO Programul integral din 7 mai 2017

(Mesajul lui George Alexander de la minutul -1:40:00)

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  1. Anthony Ianosel, L.C.
    mai 08, 2017 @ 00:00:45

    GEORGE ALEXANDER speaks matter-of-factly and should be taken seriously by every concerned Romanian abroad! ….Yes, the EFFECT OF STREET PROTEST CANNOT BE DISCOUNTED by odious and brazen bureaucracies in our decadent and anti-Christian [Western] democracies! Thanks God for the generous and large heart of Romanians who made time to be present at these protests in Deva and elsewhere in Romania.
    It is not untimely to suggest that Protestant Pastors, and concerned Christians, even Orthodox Priests should get involved in these street protests, knowing well that we advocate a meritorious cause–the dignity and rights of family.
    We are voicing our protests and condemnation against the forceful separation of families by unelected bureaucracies, and second, our indignation and outrage against the mental torture inflicted upon the children resulting from bureaucracies criminal and tortious conduct! Finland, like Norway, must be made to suffer the consequences at international level, and its bad reputation as a „loose cannon” masquerading democracy should be abundantly proclaimed from the prestigious Romanian podiums of medicine, science, religion, and law and justice!
    These odious, unelected, oppressive bureaucracies, such as Finland’s, must be made to tremble at the Rule of Law once for all–or else, they will descend into even more gruesome, demonic methods of mental tortures visited upon families of immigrants and locals alike! The power of the street protests and vigorous, united [international] CONDEMNATION by medical and legal experts speakers present at these protests [even by videos!] will be very EFFECTIVE METHODS OF PUBLIC CONDEMNATION, including legitimate public outrage boomed at these little- nations tyrannical behavior, who defy the higher rule of law and the Law of God!

  2. dininimapentrutine
    mai 08, 2017 @ 04:22:34

    A republicat asta pe Pastor Ciprian Barsan.

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