Chuck Missler – The Church in the End Times

Chuck Missler – The Church in the End Times


What are Christians called to do during these turbulent times? How can you make a difference in your family, among your friends, and within your community? This follows the wonderful success of the “Weathering the Coming Storm” series where Dr. Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen dealt with global, national, and personal issues impacting all of our lives today. “Church in the End Times” serves as the NEXT STEP in equipping ourselves with the tools and insights we need to be a guiding light to a world coping in the Last Days darkness of chaos and deceit. Introducing ‘Body Builders.’ Koinonia House is committed to Focusing on Equipping, Helping, Encouraging, and edifying believers for the work of the ministry. We will be providing material for free for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Chuck Missler – The Church in the End Times – Session 1

„The Unveiling”

  • The Consummation of all thinga
  • The only book promising a special blessing to the reader
  • 404 verses containing over 800 allusions from the Old Testament
  • It presents the climax of God’s Plan for Man

The Seven Churches

Why these seven? „He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

Levels of application:

  1. Local
  2. Admonitory to all churches
  3. Homiletic (Personal)
  4. Prophetic

Seven design elements in each of the letters to the seven churches

  1. Name of the Church
  2. Title of Christ chosen
  3. Commendation
  4. Concern
  5. Exhortation
  6. Promise to the Overcomer


Application to all churches

  1. Ephesus – Devotion, not just doctrine
  2. Smyrna – Endure persecution
  3. Pergamos – Stand fast against world
  4. Thyatira – Pagan practices
  5. Sardis – Watchfulness, diligence
  6. Philadelphia – Missionary outreach
  7. Laodicea –  There isn’t anything positive in the church, there’s some individual opportunities. There is no call to the church as a group: „If there’s anybody in there that hears Me, I will come in and sup with him and him with Me.” But, it’s an individual, one on one invitation. What an indictment of that fellowship.

Chuck Missler – The Church in the End Times – Session 2

The Once and Future Church

The Ecclesiastical challenge for the end times.

Our Agenda:

  1. The Ecclesiastic History of the „Church”
  2. Our Present Predicament
  3. Our Resources
  4. Specific (Doctrinal) Challenges (There’s certain doctrines we can relax on, we can have more views on, but there’s others that are more critical.

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