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Billy J. Rayburn

Ilie Tomuta : I KNEW A MAN

Man is like a book that talks about its author.  God created us and we are in His care every day until the end of our lives. He is watching over us, but at the same time, He has called us to be there for each other. He is calling us to be partners in serving others, which is the main calling of the church. The subject of serving others has become a central subject in our churches and it is part of a big concern regarding our calling as Christians. The need for servants has increased and we are looking for people who can serve others according to their calling, people mentioned by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:17 –That the man of God may be complete, furnished completely unto every good work. This is the man that Billy Rayburn was, is and will be forever. He is a perfect example of God’s servant for all Romanian churches from America and Canada. His steadiness in faith made him a strong believer, a trusted man that honored God in all circumstances.  Apostle Paul talks about this kind of man in Hebrews 13:7, and mentions that we should follow his footsteps. I had the privilege to meet and know Bishop Billy Rayburn as a man of God with a special mission in Romanian churches and community. His kindness, patience and love for others made easy it for all of us to love him; regardless of age, whether children, youth, adults or elders. He became a friend to all Romanian people. Billy J. Rayburn was appointed officially as the Administrative Bishop of the Metro area of Chicago and the surrounding cities in the North-Eastern areas of the state of Illinois in 1978. I met him in 1983 when I arrived in U.S.A and I stepped for the first time on American land. He had a tendered gaze of a man of God that attracted our Romanian people. Every meeting between Billy Rayburn and our community was successful and brought an abundance of blessings upon our churches. He never hesitated to spend time serving God and people, a quality that made him loved and appreciated. A servant with God’s heart beating for Romanian congregations. He will always be remembered and we will always be grateful for his service, faithfulness and generosity throughout so many years of consistent dedication. May God bless you Brother Rayburn and reward you accordingly!!! Rev. Ilie U. Tomuta We are happy to present you a message written by Billy Rayburn regarding his experience Romanian churches and leaders:

In the year 1979 I met the Romanian Pentecostal Pastor, George Galis and a group of Romanian  believers who were worshipping at a location in Chicago on Lawrence Avenue.   The building was a former Jewish Temple purchased by Pastor George Galis and the Romanian believers.

Following in the steps of Brother Galis, were men of ability to lead, men such as Peter Lascau, Florin Cîmpean, John Tipei, Lazar Gog, Moses Gaode, Ilie Tomuța and many other worthy men of God.

Traveling across the United States, I continued to meet men such as Sam Isfan.  My first meeting was with him in organizing the first Romanian Church of God in Florida.  Later I was called to California to help him establish a Romanian Pentecostal Church in Sacramento.

Many churches, in my years of serving the Romanian community all across the United States and Canada were established. Growth and building Communities of Faith have continued and are being developed under the leadership of Bishop Tony P. Lane.

My observation of the Romanian Pentecostal movement in the Church of God has been very encouraging as I have seen the tremendous talent of the young Romanians especially.  Also, the dedication and devotion to God throughout the community of believers as they build their congregations and buildings to come together for worship.

It has been a tremendous privilege and opportunity to serve in this area of Kingdom work, serving the Romanian Pentecostal Church of God

Billy J. Rayburn

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