Medway don’t let EUGENE DIE! Prietenul nostru, Eugene, se simte tot mai rău în prezent făcând greva foamei în închisoare

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A big THANK YOU to Laura Tucker, The Pro Reintregirea Familiei team and all those working feverishly on behalf of Eugene and his son. For those of us around the world who are watching and weeping as a father fights with his own life for his own son who was so cruelly taken away from him, we canget involved in at least 2 ways from afar. We can PRAY daily for God to give Eugene strength and keep his body from major damage from the 47 days of hunger strike he has engaged in so far. And we can also go to this petition and sign our names in a visible show of support for EUGENE and his son. Also, if anyone can spare any donation for Eugene and his case, here is the information needed: Parinti Pro Copii  Cine vrea si poate sa dea cat de mic banut sa-l ajute pe Eugene, aici are PAYPAL Для ДЖАСТИНА or use GO FUND ME –


Procopiu Dacian  – Inca 362 de semnaturi mai trebuie. Haideti va rog, mai faceti un efort sa-l ajutam pe acest tatic atat de greu lovit acum.

De asemenea doresc sa va multumesc tuturor care ati semnat! Sunteti niste oameni minunati care merita tot respectul mai ales ca de pe grupuri de peste 30 de mii de membri intr-o zi intreaga am primit un singur „like” si nici o semnatura. Oricum noi stim ca nici o fapta buna nu ramane nerasplatita de Domnul Adevaratei Dreptati, cand El pana si un pahar de apa daruit celui setos nu-l lasa nerasplatit.


Don’t let Eugene die! #MedwayDontLetEugeneDie


Elmley Prison
Sara Pennington Governor
Telephone 01795 802000
Switchboard 01795 802000
Fax 01795 802001


Postal Address Church Road, Eastchurch, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 4DZM


Laura Tucker Eugene Lukjanenko is concert pianist. Medway Council kidnnaped his son. #IanSutherland said, „Your son will never come home”.

Eugene Lukjanenko is a concert pianist serving an 8-month prison sentence for 1) Saying his son’s first name on facebook, and mentioning the public servant’s name, Ann Domeney; and 2) Wishing his son a happy birthday.

Eugene is on a Hunger Strike becuse his son should never have been taken into Forced Foster Care in the first place. Medway Council gives no legal reason for removing the child from his home.

#IWantToSeeMySon If Eugene could just see his son, he would quit the Hunger Strike.

#AnnDomeney, #IanSutherland, & #HHJudgeRichardScarratt are personally responsible for Eugene’s being sent to prison and going on the hunger strike. If these people would just change the care plan to let the boy go home to his loving father, all would be solved. Ann Domeney decreased the care plan from monthly to 4 times a year without a court, so she would just as easily increase the care plan. Amen.

„Future emotional harm” is a „reason” Medway uses for taking this child. A term #MedwayConcentrationCamp refuses to define. Eugene’s father was in a Jewish Ghetto 12 years (over a decade) BEFORE Eugene Lukjanenko was even born! Using this logic, all grandchildren of Holocaust survivors must be taken into „care”. Three different doctors have diagnosed Eugene as normal, needing no therapy. Yet #MedwayCouncil still insists on it.
#MedwayCouncil is a danger to the public. They will take your child next.

AN UPDATE on EUGENE’S CONDITION January 7th 2018 , on Day 45 of Eugene’s hunger strike from

James Crow : Eugene is having daily blood tests and being monitored on medical ward where he spends virtually 23 hours a day laying in bed.

He went in with a large body mass of fat which his body has devoured up to this point. He was tricked one day with vitamin supplements that Eugene was angry about to find he was mislead. He stopped these supplements. He now takes nothing but water and two vitamin tablets a day. He is allowed these two tablets without it being considered food. It is most likely these 2 vitamin tablets that have delayed him behind in wheelchair

As said Eugene is monitored by medical team with his blood every day.

If you look online even during Irish hunger strike men much smaller than Eugene without vitamins died after 70 days. Life expectancy was less then in general too

Life expectancy is now generally higher and people tend to have more weight. Eugene went in with a decent body mass, is barely moving and having two vitamin tablets a day. He was also tricked into eating one day

All these things factor to his survival up to this point. His medical tests at any day could change his status to critical. He will probably be unable to walk soon and once his medical tests show him in critical they will intervene with medication.

It’s also important to emphasise Eugene is in pain, he has been told his body has suffered irrevocable damage, he becomes light headed and has already had one dangerous fall and standing is becoming more and more difficult, the colour of his skin has also changed and suggests potentially liver failure and his body shutting down. Eugene is gravely ill and it’s important there are no suggestions he is not. This is deeply cruel and unfair on a man who is dying.

Asked if maybe Amnesty International could help:

the medical team have said they will intervene as soon as blood tests show he is in immediate danger of death. Until then they will not act. It’s all very sad. He’s in hands of prison 😞 they have said they would move him to an open prison if it was not for the hunger strike.Elmley prison has medical ward and recourses to cope. That’s why he is there and not at open prison. (See infor from Elmley prison and help if you can, by calling and pleading for them to help Eugene by contacting the courts and letting them know that this father will die in prison over the desperation of not seeing his son).



Laura Tucker „Potential Holocaust trauma” this is one of the fabricated reasons #MedwayCouncil director, #AnnDomeney has put Eugene’s son into foster care. Because the child’s grandfather was in a ghetto. !!! Stay out of #England with your children, or you might get them taken.

You’ll see Mr. Eugene’s story here:………/It-never-happen-Appeal…#EugeneLukjanenkoEugene Lukjanenko


Ssandra Danyella este cu Eugene Lukjanenko.

Traducere post (Mark McDougall): Prietenul nostru, Eugene, se simte tot mai rău în prezent făcând greva foamei în închisoare. El și-a câștigat dosarul împotriva serviciilor sociale, a filmat un documentar pentru Rusia Today despre povestea lui, apoi SS a luat copilul pentru că spun că aspectul televizorului îl pune pe copil în pericol. Asta se întâmplă când îndrăznești să susții sistemul britanic. Dacă Eugene ar fi stat liniștit , ar fi avut încă copilul cu el,credea că în cele din urmă justiția ar fi dominat. În Marea Britanie nu există nici o justiție. Mulți membri ai parlamentului din Regatul Unit au discutat despre traficul de copii îngrozitor de către statul britanic în Parlamentul Marii Britanii, o simplă căutare pe YouTube se va dovedi. Poate lumea să vină să știe cum trăiesc oamenii din Marea Britanie în frică de guvernul lor și că regimul lor este cel mai corupt pe acest pământ. Fie ca lumea civilizată să aducă în jos acest regim dezgustător.

Laura Tucker Documentary on Eugene Lukjanenko:

Holocaust survivor’s grandson taken for profit by Medway Council

Laura Tucker 🇬🇧 UK Column’s 5 min. Report 📹 on 🎹 🎶Eugene Lukjanenko

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