George W Bush on Billy Graham

George W Bush on Billy Graham (Fox News / Greta Van Susteren)

George W Bush – He has such a spirit about him. He’s a gentle soul. I mean, here’s one of the most famous people in the world and in his presence you realize how humble he is. And his humility, and obviously his love for God and Christ can overwhelm the cynic. And I was a cynical person at the time and his spirit overwhelmed me.

I met him the first time with my grandmother in Kennebunkport. He had come to visit my grandmother. And of course, mother and dad had him over to the house, which is right next door to her house. At first, I didn’t realize how big a man Billy Graham was. But then the words started coming out of his mouth in such a gentle way that truly I was captivated. I was amazed.

When I met Billy he planted seeds. The ground was pretty hard, but after meeting Billy, the ground became more fertile for the seed. He helped change my life. I was a questioning person, I was drinking a lot. And religion, I would listen, but never hear. And Billy Graham helped me understand the redemptive power of a risen Lord.

Billy Graham is an effective messenger because of his charisma and his heart. I had the honor when sitting behind Billy in San Antonio, Texas at a crusade and it was an unbelievable experience, particularly when Billy called people to come down, to commit to Christ. He was a magnet. The interesting thing about Billy Graham was that he wasn’t a magnet to Billy Graham.He was a magnet to a higher power.

After 9/11 there was no better person to represent the Christian faith, but Billy Graham at the National Cathedral. He is a very humble man. In other words, you are in the presence of a great historical figure. His humility overpowers you and that’s what makes him very effective.

U.S. Presidents Pay Tribute to Billy Graham – Christians & News (Context with Lorna Dueck)

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