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Looking After a Woman to Lust After Her – A W Pink (Christian Audio book)

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~~~ Screen prints from A.W. Pink’s Studies in the Scriptures – 1924-25, Volume 2 of 17 An exposition on the Sermon on the Mount, by A W Pink. VIDEO = 82 minutes VIDEO by Christian Praise and Worship in Songs, Sermons, 

The Law and Adultery – A W Pink

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The Sermon On The Mount Chapter Eleven The Law and Adultery „Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. And if thy […]

A W Pink – The Law and the Saint (Part 3)

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READ Part 1 here READ Part 2 here Arthur and Vera pink July 20, 1928 (via The Positive Side What is the relation of the Law (the Ten Commandments) to Christians? In our previous chapter we pointed out how that three radically different answers have been returned to this question. The first, that sinners […]

A W Pink – The Law and the Saint (Part 2)

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In this- Part 2 of Pink’s book ‘The Law and the Saint’, Pink expands on this passage: What is the relation of the Law to the saint? Three answers have been given: First, that sinners become saints by obeying the Law. Second, that the Law is a rule of life for believers. Third, that the Law has nothing […]

A W Pink – The Law and the Saint (Part 1)

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This is part 1 of 3 from A. W. Pink’s book ‘The Law and the Saint’ which is now in the public domain. In this first part Pink contrasts OT and NT law: The Old Testament saints and the New Testament saints are both saved in the same way, and that is, by the grace […]

A W Pink – Christian Fools – Preached in Sydney, Australia 1927

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“Then He said unto them, O fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken.” Luke 24:25 Those of you who read the religious announcements in the newspapers of yesterday would see the subject for my sermon this evening is “Christian Fools.” Possibly some of you thought there was a printer’s […]

In Awe of God’s Creation – Rare Pink Auroras in the Desert – Un Eveniment Rar Aurora Roz in Deşert – Coplesit de Creatia lui Dumnezeu

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photo via video ROMANIAN: Locaţia a fost aleasă pentru cerul său întunecos lipsit de lumină şi poluarea locurilor apropiate de zonele urbane. În video veţi putea vedea misterioasele pietre mişcătoare, care atunci când plouă „pornesc în călătorii” alunecând prin Racetrack Playa, un lac secat, cât şi cerul înstelat şi o minunată auroră roz de deşert. […]

„It Is Finished” – A.W. Pink

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„When Jesus had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he gave up the ghost.”  John 19:30 How terribly have these blessed words of Christ been misunderstood, misappropriated and misapplied! How many seem to think that on the cross the Lord Jesus accomplished a work which rendered it unnecessary for the beneficiaries of […]

Arthur W. Pink on The Fall and Free Will (5)

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The Impotency of The Human Will Does it lie within the province of man’s will to accept or reject the Lord Jesus as Saviour? Granted that the Gospel is preached to the sinner, that the Holy Spirit convicts him of his lost condition, does it, in the final analysis, lie within the power of his […]

The Total Depravity of Man by A.W. Pink (via) PBM Ministries

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From PBM Ministries. Chapter 14 is the Summary Chapter of A.W.Pink’s book titled „The Total Depravity of  Man”. A.W.Pink was born in Nottingham,England on April 1,1886; he became a Christian at the age of 22  and he died in Stomoway, Scotland on July 15 , 1952. The Entrance of evil into the domain of God […]

Arthur W. Pink – Christ the Eternal Word

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from „The exposition of the Gospel of John” (VIA) PBM Ministries. You can read more e books at PBM Ministries here. This is part 2 of 72 of A.W.Pink’s book : Christ, the Eternal Word John 1:1-13 In the last chapter we stated, „Each book of the Bible has a prominent and dominant theme which […]

A.W. Pink – Divine Chastisement…how great is a folly pronouncing a judgement concerning others

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A W Pink speaks on the treatment of our Christian brothers and sisters when they are afflicted.  He discusses different kinds of chastisements and then ends stating: „Now in view of these widely different aspects, chastenings which are retributive, corrective, educative, and preventative, how incompetent are we to diagnose, and how great is the folly […]

Natura Mintuirii lui Hristos Denaturata de ‘Evanghelistii’ Zilelor Noastre de Arthur W. Pink

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de la Resurse Crestine. Natura mântuirii lui Hristos este teribil de denaturată de „evangheliştii” zilelor noastre. Ei predică un Mântuitor de iad, mai degrabă decât un Mântuitor de păcat. De aceea, aşa de mulţi sunt înşelaţi fatal, fiindcă mulţimi întregi vor să scape de iazul de foc, dar nu vor să fie eliberaţi de natura […]

Evanghelia lui Satan de Arthur W.Pink

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Traducere de Iosif Raul Enyedi De la situl Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952)  scrie: Satan este un falsificator neintrecut. Asa cum am vazut, Diavolul este acum foarte activ in lucrul sau pe acelasi teren in care Domnul a semanat samanta buna. El cauta sa previna cresterea graului prin semanarea unei alte plante, neghina, care, in […]

„Doctor” sau „frate”? de Arthur W. Pink

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Traducerea de la situl (Romania) Ce metode ciudate foloseste Dumnezeu uneori pentru a-i invata pe copiii Sai lectiile de care au mare nevoie! Aceasta a fost recent experienta autorului. Am fost contactat recent de o „universitate”pentru a accepta de la ei gradul de „D.D”. Am cerut sa mi se acorde timp pentru a cauta […]

Summer reading…. Some new free eBooks from

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Free eBooks God Honored and Christ Glorified: Jonathan Edwards’ Sermons and Essays on Calvinism (eBook) Jonathan Edwards Comfort for Christians (eBook) A W Pink Forgiveness (eBook) J C Ryle Free Resources Five Characteristics of Genuinely Forgiven Sinners J C Ryle The Remarkable Jealously Which the Apostle Has for This Doctrine J C Ryle Arbitrary Social […]

= DOMNUL ISUS HRISTOS – Harul sau Legea? = Ioan Burca

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​​​​ ​​​ ​ TATALUI, FIULUI, DUHULUI SFANT​, ​Toata Gloria in Veci !!!​​ ​ ​       = DOMNUL ISUS HRISTOS – Harul sau Legea? = = Partea 1​​​ = 6. Isus i-a zis: „Eu sînt calea, adevărul şi viaţa. Nimeni nu vine la Tatăl decît prin Mine. (Ioan 14) DOMNUL ISUS HRISTOS – FIUL LUI […]

Musulmanul radical care voia să ucidă creștini și evrei, până când L-a întâlnit pe Isus, citind Biblia

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Musulmanul radical care voia să ucidă creștini și evrei, până când L-a întâlnit pe Isus, citind Predica de pe Munte Jay era un musulman radical care voia să ucidă creștini și evrei, asta până când L-a întâlnit pe Isus. Deși nu a comis niciodată un atac terorist, el spune că drumul de la jihad la […]

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