3 short ‘Chapel of the Air’ LIVE Interviews with Leonard Ravenhill

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leonard ravenhillLeonard Hill interviewed on the following 3 topics on a radio program called ‘Chapel of the Air’. Here are some very brief highlights from the 3 interviews featured on this video:

  1. Local Church – Ravenhill is asked to give the church in North America a grade and to tell why he picks that number. Responds Ravenhill: „On a scale of 1 to 1-, I would give the church, I am thinking of the Evanglical Church, about a 4, because I sense a lack of a eternity and the majesty of God in current evangelism.” When asked how he would strive to correct and what he would change, Ravenhill responds: „We need to have a recovery, I’m sure, of the awesome majesty of God.I asked a congregation last Sunday: Did you come here tonight to meet God, or to hear a sermon about God? I’ve asked that many times, in many churches, and only once did I get a response from one person: ‘Well, I do come to meet God’…….”
  2. 13th minute mark – Seminaries – Leonard is asked, of all the men he has trained under, formal and informal, which one influenced him the most. Ravenhill responds: „Without question, Samuel Chadwick. I happened to be born in Leeds, England, at about the time that Samuel Chadwick had a local revival in the city, that cleared up the night spots, closed taverns and everything. And again, it was only in the course of his preaching, which by the way was the same as the revival of 1725 that came in the ordinary course of a faithful pastor’s ministry, that was Jonathan Edwards. He could have held up and said: „George Whitfield’s coming into town, soon, but there was no staging of anything, there was no projecting of human personalities. It was just that the Holy Ghost came. ” Ravenhill is asked about seminaries and if he were to teach a course, what subject would he want to teach that course on? Ravenhill responds: „I think I would teach it on revival. I am sometimes accused of being anti-intellectual. But the great Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in his great church at Westminster Abbey, he taught with me about revival. And he said that he believed that Jonathan Edwards was the greatest intellectual America has ever had…..”
  3. 24th minute mark – How religion is seen on radio and television. Ravenhill is asked if religious radio and television is good or bad. Ravenhill responds: „We haven’t much in England and of course it’s state controlled. In the United States, the stuff that’s offered is so shallow. I mean, this is too severe, again, I say: if John the Baptist preached on radio on Sunday, would he get on the next Sunday? Or Elijah?” Ravenhill wrote about the dangers of misusing media in some of his early books: „Finney inspired countless evangelists to seek revival and that they could produce revival anywhere, using means selected by themselves, to decide what they should use…. In TV evangelism today, I find people totally revolted at the begging that goes on. I mean, why should a man that has $15,000 income a year and who is struggling to keep his farm or his family together, why should he send his tithes to a man who has $55,000 a year and all his expenses paid? I think it’s immoral. I mean, in the old stories in England, Robin Hood robbed the rich to help the poor. Now we rob the poor to help the rich. These big fellows live in ostentation, and they have private jets. I think that most of these ministers are filthy with filthy lucre. And I used to say that before long, the church will suffer for the sin of America. Now, I believe America will suffer for the sin of the church. When you think, a number of them get in almost a million dollars a week, coming in. How will they answer at the judgment seat for the ways they use it.” When asked, if he were asked to address the National Religious Broadcasters Group, and he felt led to accept, what would Ravenhill preach to that group? Ravenhill answers: „I would preach on hell. All the great revivalists were strong on hell. You can take Moody, you can take Finney, you can take Jonathan Edwards. They didn’t do it with a barking, horrible, gravel voice. They did it with tears and brokenness. I don’t see very much brokenness and tears. I believe the next revival will come through the local churches with men who have been waiting on God…..

VIDEO by SermonIndex.net

Leonard Ravenhill 1989 Interview (Video)

Interview by Life Action Ministries. It starts off with a question posed to Leonard Ravenhill as to the biggest need of the church.

Ravenhill responds, „I won’t give you my opinion, I’ll give you the Bible’s opinion from Jeremiah chapter 2:13 „My people have committed two evils, they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters and hewn cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water.” It’s amazing to me when pastors come and say, I’m in a mega church, I have 4,000. It has nothing to do with your church. Every church is filled on Sunday morning. But how many people come to your prayer meetings? The prayer meeting has almost died, not just in presbyterian churches but in pentecostal churches, in baptist churches. I have a prayer meeting Thursday mornings for pastors. About 20 come. Some come 200 miles, some come 300 miles round trip and the last several Thursdays we-ve all ended up on the floor in tears, praying for one thing: revival. Nobody’s praying for his church. I believe the spiritual condition of America at this moment is lower than it was in the revival of the 1700’s of Jonathan Edwards. We’ve forsaken God, in particular, we’ve forsaken the prayer meeting….

VIDEO by Kerrigan Skelly

A powerful Prayer by Leonard Ravenhill

leonard ravenhill

Pentru traducere automata, fa click aici – Romanian

Read the history behind the hymn quoted in Leonard Ravenhill’s prayer here – “Make Me a Captive, Lord” – The History behind the Hymn

Leonard Ravenhill: Father, we think of those that we have sung of in these wonderful hymns tonight. And as we sang it, we think of the tribes of millions that are still without God, and without hope. We sang about the sacred throng, when you wind up all the affairs of this terrestrial ball on which we live, when you end all empires, industrial or the great empires of Kings or rulers. And between here and there, there may be many tribulations and trials. But we thank you again that as you’ve brought us so far, you’ll take us further, right to the end of the trail. Grant, Lord, this meeting which is not very large, but it’s large enough to make an impact on this world, if you get your way in every life tonight. We pray Lord for your glory, not for ours, not for the preacher, not even for Last Days Ministry, but, we pray for your holy namesake, that you will invade this sanctuary tonight. We pray you’ll work spiritual revolutions in us. We pray that some of us may go to our own funerals tonight and die to self, and end all the failure and all the weakness and all that’s been our handicap, all that’s been our hangup. Do it by the precious, precious blood of Jesus, the cleansing blood, the sanctifying blood.The blood of the everlasting covenant.

Again, we ask in honesty with desire that this will be a very, very bad night for the devil. We pray that lives, here, where he’s had dominion, that that dominion will be broken. Where he has been deceptive, that he [the devil] will be unmasked tonight. Where he has tried to make us fearful and intimidated, oh, give us a revelation of your glory and your power! We pray that the very angels in heaven may have a good time tonight, rejoicing over all bondage that shall cease. Take the veil away from your Word. Take the veil away from your understanding. Open the Word, open our minds, and then open our minds to tell what great things God has done.

As we think of the millions again, tonight, some of them lying, as we saw in the newspaper recently, lying with their bones breaching, haven’t got the strength to stand up in areas of Africa and other areas, Lord, where there is total dissolution of their lifestyle, and other areas where there’s prosperity, yet they’re without God and without hope. Father, again, save us from being earthly minded. Let the things of earth grow strangely dim; they look strangely grim when we get into eternity. We’ll look back and see how often the devil fooled us and how often our own flesh fooled us and how often we were unwilling and undeserving and we gave up when we should have gone on. Change our thinking tonight. Change our desires. Change our aspirations. Make us captives. There’s an old saying, said in England years ago,

Make me a captive, Lord,
and then I shall be free.
Force me to render up my sword,
and I shall conqueror be.
I sink in life’s alarms
when by myself I stand;
imprison me within thine arms,
and strong shall be my hand.

Oh God, we bless you that you’re more radical than we could ever dream of. I think, Lord, that when we get to eternity, some of us will have lived many years, but, if you were to carry us all up tonight and sweep us all up into eternity, we’re only in spiritual water up to our ankles, not to our knees, not to our loins. We’re still paddling at the edge of the oceans of the possibilities of grace. Put a holy dissatisfaction in us tonight, and then holy desires.  Our supreme desire is that from this meeting Jesus shall see the travail of his soul and be satisfied. We give you praise in His name.

VIDEO by SermonIndex.net

Panel Discussion At Revival Forum 1989 (Ravenhill,Beasley,Sutera,McLeod,Feshenfeld)

I cam across this video at Youtube sermoncentral when I discovered Iosif Ton’s video on CommunismBrutal persecution in Romania‘. Iosif Ton attended this conference with the Revivalist preachers of the world.

The sound quality is not the best, however, the panel discussion by the Revival preachers of the world by 1989 is an important discussion that proves the timeless power of the Gospel and the carnality of man is the same from genertaion to generation. The answer today to the problem today is the same -the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Life Action Conference in 1989. Conference panel:

  1. Ralph Sutera- had impact on revival in early 1970’s in Canada; started Canadian Revival Fellowship
  2. Manley Beasley – Baptist Revival preacher, preached throughout the world for 30 yrs (by 1989)
  3. Leonard Ravenhill – author and Revivalist in United States, impacted the world.
  4. Bill McLeod – Revival preacher throughout the world, from Canada since the 70’s
  5. Del Feshenfeld Jr. –

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1st collector for YouTube – Panel Discussion At Revival Forum 89
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De ce intirzie trezirea de Leonard Ravenhill (Top carte – essential reading)

Biografia lui Leonard RavenhillBiografia prietenului sau A.W.Tozer

traducere de Valentin Popovici.

Cuvântul traducătorului
Cuvânt înainte
16.„Dă-mi copii, sau mor!”
17.„Gunoiul lumii acesteia”
18. Rugăciuni cât Dumnezeu de mari!
19.După cum e Biserica, aşa e şi societatea!
20. Cunoscut în iad
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Biografia lui Leonard Ravenhill

de la ViataVesnica.Ro

Leonard Ravenhill

S-a născut în anul 1907 în Leeds, Yorkshire, Anglia şi a urmat Cliff College din Anglia. A învăţat sub îndrumarea lui Samuel Chadwick. A fost student al Istoriei Bisericii şi expert în domeniul TREZIRII.

În 1939 s-a căsătorit cu o asistentă irlandeză, pe nume Martha. Împreună au avut trei băieţi: Paul şi David sunt lucrători pe câmpul de luptă al lui Dumnezeu, iar Phillip Leonard Ravenhill (1945-1997) a fost un bun cercetator în Smithsonian Institute din Washington, D.C.

În 1950, Leonard şi familia sa s-au mutat din Marea Britanie în Statele Unite ale Americii. Apoi, în 1980, Leonard s-a mutat din nou într-o casă langa Lindale, Texas, foarte aproape de Last Days Ministries (LDM) Ranch unde Leonard a predat în mod regulat.

Printre cei cărora Ravenhill le-a fost mentor, se numără: Ravi Zacharias, Tommy Tenney, Steve Hill, Charles Stanley, Bill Gothard si David Wilkerson.

Referitor la discrepanţele dintre Biserica Nou Testamentală şi viaţa bisericii din timpul său (iar în zilele noastre, aceasta s-a agravat mult mai mult), Ravenhill a accentuat şi a strigat principiile trezirii spirituale biblice, fără nici un compromis, în toate învăţăturile şi cărţile sale. Mesajul său este unul fără compromis, lipsit de frică şi radical. Pentru acei care l-au cunoscut personal a fost o persoană cu adevărat atrăgatoare.

A plecat la Domnul în Noiembrie 1994.

A.W. Tozer : „ Faţă de asemenea oameni, Biserica are o datorie mult prea mare ca să poată fi plătită. Faptul interesant este că rareori încearca să-i răsplătească cu ceva în timpul vieţii lor. Abia generaţia următoare le zideşte mormântul şi le scrie biografia, ca şi cum ar vrea, stângaci, să scape de o obligaţie pe care generaţia trecută n-a împlinit-o. Cei care l-au cunoscut pe Leonard Ravenhill vor recunoaşte în el pe „specialistul lui Dumnezeu”, omul trimis de Dumnezeu nu să ducă lucrarea Bisericii în mod convenţional, ci, dimpotrivă, să apuce de barba pe preoţii lui Baal chiar pe vârful muntelui lor, să-i facă de râs pe preoţii neglijenţi la altare, să înfrunte profeţii mincinoşi şi să avertizeze poporul dus în rătăcire. Un om ca el nu este un tovarăş comod de drum. Pe evangheliştii de profesie, care ies imediat după ce şi-au terminat predica şi se retrag în cel mai luxos restaurant, care se îndoapă la masă şi râd la glumele prietenilor lor, omul acesta îi jenează, este un om cu care nu vor să aibă de-a face. Pentru că un astfel de profet nu poate să scape de povara pe care i-a pus-o Duhul Sfânt pe umeri aşa cum închizi robinetul la apă. Omul acesta insistă şi pledează pentru un creştinism permanent, nu doar când şi cand; pretutindeni, nu ici si colo. Iată de ce omul acesta este diferit. Faţă de Leonard Ravenhill este imposibil să fii neutru. Cei ce-l cunosc se împart în doua tabere: cei care îl iubesc şi îl admiră cu devotament, şi cei care îl urăsc cu înverşunare.”

David Bercot: “ L-am întâlnit pe Leonard prima dată în 1989, când avea 82 de ani, iar sănătatea lui era foarte şubredă. La prima vedere, nu m-aş fi gândit că Dumnezeu mai poate folosi acest om cărunt şi foarte fragil. Umbla încet şi nesigur, iar uneori avea nevoie de ajutor să se ridice şi să se aşeze pe scaun. Totuşi, imediat după ce şi-a deschis gura, am realizat foarte repede, că am greşit total. La 82 de ani, Leonard încă vorbea cu foc şi convingere şi părea că ochii lui pătrundeau adânc chiar în sufletul meu. În ultimii ani ai vieţii sale, Leonard modera o întâlnire de rugăciune, o dată pe săptămână (mai târziu, o dată pe lună), la care participau în special pastori şi evanghelişti. Unii din aceşti oameni călătoreau chiar şi patru ore pentru a participa la aceste întâlniri de rugăciune. Am participat la aceste întâlniri din 1989 până s-au terminat în vara anului 1994, câteva luni înainte de moartea lui Leonard. De-a lungul anilor în care am participat la aceste întâlniri, nu am plecat niciodată fără să fiu adanc provocat de ceea ce spunea Leonard. Unul din darurile lui era abilitatea de a crea în mod spontan maxime spirituale pătrunzătoare pe masură ce vorbea. Acestea erau scurte, observaţii memorabile despre Dumnezeu, biserică şi lume. Întotdeauna îmi luam un carneţel cu mine la aceste întâlniri pentru a nota aceste observaţii. Iată câteva din acele observaţii pătrunzătoare, din acele întâlniri:

“Un evanghelist de succes atinge sentimentele oamenilor. Un profet adevărat atinge conştiinţa oamenilor”.
“Ultimele cuvinte ale Domnului Isus către biserică (în Apocalipsa) au fost: Pocăieşte-te!” “Un adevărat pastor nu doar arată calea, ci merge pe ea”. “Niciodată nu trebuie să faci reclamă unui foc. Toţi vin alergând acolo unde este un foc. În acelaşi mod, dacă biserica ta arde, nu va trebui să anunţi aceasta. Comunitatea va fi ştiut deja”. “Ioan Botezătorul nu a făcut vreodată vreo minune. Totuşi, a fost mai mare decât oricare din profeţii Vechiului Testament”. “Mă îndoiesc că mai mult de 2% din creştinii declaraţi din Statele Unite sunt cu adevărat născuţi din nou”. “Dumnezeul nostru este un foc mistuitor. El mistuie mândria, pofta trupească, materialismul şi alte păcate”. ”Sunt numai două feluri de oameni: cei morţi în păcat şi cei morţi faţă de păcat”. (Referitor la întunericul care a învăluit creştinătatea “Când stai într-o cameră întunecoasă, poţi fie să blestemi întunericul, fie să aprinzi o lumânare”. “Copiii îţi pot spune ce zice Canalul 7, dar nu şi ce spune Matei 7”. “Unele femei petrec o jumătate de oră -o ora pregătindu-şi exteriorul (haine deosebite, machiaje etc.) pentru biserică. Ce s-ar întâmpla dacă am petrece toţi acelaşi timp pregătindu-ne în interiorul nostru, pentru biserică cu rugăciune şi meditaţie? “Maturitatea vine din ascultare, nu neapărat odată cu vârsta”. “Singura dată când poţi spune cu adevărat : Cristos este tot ce am nevoie!, este doar atunci când Cristos este tot ce ai”. “De ce ne aşteptăm să fim trataţi în lumea asta mai bine decât a fost tratat însuşi Domnul Isus?” “Trebuie să facem ce putem pentru Dumnezeu, înainte ca El să ne dea puterea să facem ceea ce noi nu putem”. “Biblia este fie radicală, fie demodată”. ”Mărturiile sunt minunate. Dar, atât de adesea vieţile noastre nu se potrivesc cu mărturiile noastre”. “Orice metodă de evanghelizare va merge, dacă Dumnezeu este în aceasta”. “Dacă un creştin nu are necazuri în lume, ceva nu este în regulă”. “Principala mea ambiţie în viaţă a fost să fiu pe lista cea mai dorită de Diavol”. “Când există ceva în Biblie, iar Bisericii nu îi place, îl numesc legalism”. “Poţi avea toată doctrina, în mod corect, şi totuşi să nu ai prezenţa lui Dumnezeu”. “Mulţi pastori mă critică pentru că iau Evanghelia atât de serios. Dar oare cred ei că în ziua Judecăţii, Cristos mă va pedepsi, spunându-mi “Leonard, tu M-ai luat prea în serios?” “Dacă Isus ar fi predicat acelaşi mesaj pe care lucrătorii îl predică astăzi, nu ar fi fost niciodată răstignit”. “Există o diferenţă între a-ţi schimba opinia şi a-ţi schimba stilul de viaţă”. “Seminariile noastre de astăzi produc oameni morţi”. “Cum poţi dărâma întăriturile lui Satan dacă nici măcar nu ai puterea să stingi televizorul?” “Unitatea Bisericii vine din smerenia colectivă”. “Dacă toată Biserica ar fi înşelată, aceasta nu este o scuză pentru tine de a nu-L urma pe Cristos”.

Leonard Ravenhill – a biography

Leonard Ravenhill (1907–1994) was an English Christian evangelist and author who focused on the subjects of prayer and revival. He is best known for challenging the modern church (through his books and sermons) to compare itself to the early Christian Church as chronicled in the Book of Acts. His most notable book is Why Revival Tarries which has sold over a million copies worldwide.

Born in Leeds, in Yorkshire, England, Ravenhill was educated at Cliff College in England and sat under the ministry of Samuel Chadwick. He was a student of church history, with a particular interest in Christian revival. His evangelistic meetings during the Second World War drew large crowds. Many converts devoted themselves to Christian ministry and foreign missions.

In 1939, he married an Irish nurse, Martha. The Ravenhills had three sons: Paul, David, and Philip. Paul and David are Christian ministers, and Philip is a teacher.

In 1950, Ravenhill and his family moved from Great Britain to the United States. In the 1960s they traveled within the United States, holding tent revivals and evangelistic meetings.

In the 1980s, Ravenhill moved to a home near Lindale, Texas, a short distance from Last Days Ministries Ranch. He regularly taught classes at LDM and was a mentor to the late Keith Green. He also spent some time teaching at Bethany College of Missions in Minnesota, and some time in Seguin, Texas.

Among others influenced by Ravenhill were Ray Comfort, Ravi Zacharias, Tommy Tenney, Steve Hill, Charles Stanley, Bill Gothard, Paul Washer, and David Wilkerson.

He was a close friend of pastor and writer A. W. Tozer.

Through his teaching and books, Ravenhill addressed the disparities he perceived between the New Testament Church and the Church in his time and called for adherence to the principles of biblical revival.

Tozer said of Ravenhill:

„To such men as this, the church owes a debt too heavy to pay. The curious thing is that she seldom tries to pay him while he lives. Rather, the next generation builds his sepulchre and writes his biography – as if instinctively and awkwardly to discharge an obligation the previous generation to a large extent ignored.”

Ravenhill died in November 1994 and is interred at Garden Valley Cemetery in Garden Valley, Texas, close to the grave of Keith Green.

In 2011 Free Grace Press published a full biography of Leonard Ravenhill written by Mack Tomlinson titled, „In Light of Eternity.”


„Today’s church wants to be raptured from responsibility.”

„If weak in prayer, we are weak everywhere.”

„Men give advice; God gives guidance.”

„Are the things you are living for worth Christ dying for?”

„A sinning man stops praying, a praying man stops sinning”

„The only reason we don’t have revival is because we are willing to live without it!”

„God pity us that after years of writing, using mountains of paper and rivers of ink, exhausting flashy terminology about the biggest revival meetings in history, we are still faced with gross corruption in every nation, as well as with the most prayerless church age since Pentecost.”

„The Church used to be a lifeboat rescuing the perishing. Now she is a cruise ship recruiting the promising.”

„The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.”

„My main ambition in life is to be on the devil’s most wanted list.”

„If Jesus had preached the same message that ministers preach today, He would never have been crucified.”

„Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy”


  • Sodom Had No Bible, Bethany House Publishers (June 1981),
  • Tried & Transfigured, Bethany House Publishers (June 1982),
  • Meat For Men, Bethany House Publishers (June 1979),
  • Revival Praying, Bethany House Publishers (June 1981),
  • America is Too Young To Die, Bethany House Publishers (September 1979),
  • Why Revival Tarries, Bethany House Publishers, Expanded Edition, (August 1979),
  • Revival God’s Way, Bethany House Publishers (June 1986)

Sketches of Revival Preachers written by Leonard Ravenhill:

George Ousely

George Fox

George Willet

George Whitefield

John Wesley

Jonathan Edwards

Billy Nicholson

Richard Baxter of Kidderminster


Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord – Street Preachers (video)

A nine minute video, of various Street Preachers starting with words from Leonard Ravenhill, followed by various street preachers (incl. Paul Washer)

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Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord, posted with vodpod

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