Does Science need God? John Lennox at University of Michigan – UMich professor of public policy, John Ciorciari, interviews Oxford professor of mathematics, John Lennox, on questions of science and faith at The Veritas Forum at the University of Michigan 2013. Published on Nov 25, 2013 Photo credit

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Evidence, Faith and Knowledge – John Lennox, Keith Ward and Alister McGrath

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Chris Jervis interviews scientists, theologians and philosophers John Lennox, Keith Ward and Alister McGrath on the meaning of faith in Christianity. Is Christian faith blind? Is it against evidence? Lennox, Ward and McGrath respond to many claims made by the New Atheists, like Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion) and Christopher Hitchens (author of God is not Great). This is part of the ‘Oxford Professors vs The New Atheists’ Playlist:…

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How could God be sovereign over history, yet give you free will? John Lennox answers

Short answer: It is a mystery. John Lennox:

Der Theologe und Philosoph John Lennox am 25. ...

Der Theologe und Philosoph John Lennox am 25. Oktober 2008 in Marburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(1:25) When people ask me that question, I ask them, „What is consciousness?” And of course, they tell me they don’t know. They don’t even know, our physicist friends, what energy is. Those are much simpler things, that this question (you have asked me). You asked me the question: How? Now, the ‘how’, of these deep things, there are many of them we just cannot answer.

-How did God speak the universe into existence? I don’t know, But, that He spoke it into existence, I do believe there is evidence for it. So, I distinguish between the ‘how’ and the ‘that’ is this: You can see the evidences within Scripture and within experiences, that that is the most sensible way to understand the universe. In other words, I take Scripture seriously. And when Scripture tells me that God rules; His kingdom is, was, and ever shall be, I believe that. When I hear the Son of God stand on earth and say to Jerusalem, „How often I would have gathered you under my wings, but you wouldn’t,” I believe that too. That we have a real capacity to say yes or no to God. How that works, I don’t know. Let me illustrate that for you, because you might just find this useful.

I was asked at a big lecture I gave to about 500 senior physicists, in England- a man came up to me after, and said, „You know, that was a very interesting talk on science and religion, but, I perceive you are a Christian.” I said, „You’e very sharp.” He said, „As a Christian, you’re obliged to believe that Jesus is the Son of God.’ I said, „That’s right.” He said, „Explain to me how that can be?” I said, „Oh, very easily, but, as a quid pro quo, I’ll ask you a question.” And so, I asked him what consciousness was and he said he didn’t know. And then, I asked him what energy was, and he said, „Well we can measure it and use it.” I said, „That wasn’t my question, „What is it?” He said, „I don’t know.” So, I said, „That’s interesting, but you believe in both consciousness and energy, don’t you? And you don’t know what they are. Should I write you off as a physicist?” And he said, „Please don’t.” „But,” I said, „you were going to write me off 5 minutes ago, because I couldn’t explain to you how Jesus could be God and man at the same time. But, you observed that I believe it, quite correctly.”

„Tell me,” I said, „why do you believe in consciousness and energy?” Well, that was a bit too philosophical for him and I had to help him, cause I’m a soft person at heart. And I said, „You believe them, not because you understand them fully, but because of their explanatory power.” He said, „Thats right.” I said, „That’s exactly why I believe that Jesus is both God and Man not because I understand how. If we don’t understand the nature of energy, how could we possibly understand the nature of God? But, I believe it because there’s evidence that it’s true. Just as I believe that light is both waves and particles, however difficult I find that to get together. And you can see the relevance to your question.” It’s one of those questions, that people, because they can’t integrate it intellectually, tend to push it to one side or the other. It seems to me that Scripture both things and that what we are looking at is an unpacking of how it works, so that we can see how it relates to our lives.

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John Lennox – Is faith delusional? Atlanta Civic Center (Classic lecture)

John Lennox has a multi media apologetics page at

Introduction excerpt from lecture in video below:

John Lennox:   Honorable Governor of Georgia, ladies and gentlemen- It is a delight for me to be invited to address you this evening and of course as you know, to every lecture belongs a biography. I am an ulster Irishman, of Scottish descent, with an English wife and Welsh children, and Scottish grandchildren. And, so I can moderately claim to represent the United Kingdom.

I turned up in Cambridge in the middle of last century, to study mathematics and in my first week as a student, one of my fellow students said to me, „Do you believe in God?” Then he said, „Oh sorry, I forgot. You’re Irish. They all believe in God there and they fight about it.”

And that raised in my mind, not for the first time, the question under discussion tonight.

Was my faith in God simply a product of my Irish heredity and genetics? My parents were believers in God. And, so were my grandparents. So, automatically I take on their faith. And, so I wanted to know the answer to the question.And I set about on my first days as a student at Cambridge to get to know people who did not share my worldview. So I started to discuss with atheists. That led me to learn the German language and travel for twenty odd years behind the iron curtain. It led me also to learn Russian and spend the last twenty years in many discussions and debates at Universities and Academies of Science in the former Soviet Union in order to understand what it is that motivates atheism.

So that is my background and it has led me recently to debate with Dawkins and Hitchens.

This event took place in 2009. Subject: Faith, reason and evidence.(Some interesting anecdotal evidence from communist times lived behind the Iron Curtain and evidence for the delusion of atheism) John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics in the University of Oxford and adjunct Lecturer at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University and at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

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