Nabeel Qureshi A Devout Muslim Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

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Gangster Finds God in Solitary Confinement

Abner was in and out of prison for 30 years. One day while serving in solitary confinement, a guard passed him something that changed his life.

Leaving Islam to Follow Jesus – September 11, 2015

Former Muslims share why they’ve risked their lives by converting to Christianity.

Surrendering Sin, Shame, and Sexuality to God

Bill longed for affection from his dad, and in his teen years sought what he was missing from another young man. Throughout his life and career as an entertainer, Bill grappled with his sexuality but he finally surrendered it all to God.

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Prorocie într-o Biserică Penticostală cu privire la FIARĂ

ridica-ti ochii de la gunoaie si cumpara untdelemn… Multe candele s-au stins si Mirele se apropie…

..iata ca niste duhuri din adanc s-au ridicat si s-au hotarat sa darame familie dupa familie, cort dupa cort….


Asculta poporule, ce zice Domnul prin Duhul Sfant in vremea aceasta:

Dezlipeste-ti inima de pamant, de tot ce-i trecator si ridica-ti privirile, caci, iata, ca peste pamant incepe o invalmasala.

Se fac sfaturi in taina ca lucrurile sa le opreasca si nu le mai pot opri.  Zanganite, arme, se pregatesc. Panica i-a cuprins.

In vreme ca aceasta, iata caci Fiara se ridica. Si unii o vor primi cu bucurie. Iar, altii vor intelege ca in vreme ca aceasta, Duhul Sfant isi pregateste mireasa.

De aceea, te sfatuiesc: Ti-am deschis o usa. Ti-am deschis un locin care sa Ma chemi, in vreme ca aceasta. Ridica-ti ochii de la gunoaie si cumpara, cumpara untdelemn.

Multe, multe candele s-au stins si Mirele se apropie, zice Duhul Sfant. Nu sta nepasator. Ridica-ti privirile si nu deznadajdui. Caci, Cel Ce vine, va veni si iata ca intru in cercetare pentru ridicare.

Iata, ca niste duhuri din adanc  s-au ridicat si s-a hotarat sa darame familie dupa familie, cort dupa cort. Dar, acolo unde altarul Meu fumega, zice Domnul, duhurile nu vor avea putere. Si unde-s chemat, dau izbavire! De aceea, cheama-ma, cheama-ma, zice Duhul Sfant. Amin.

Arad noiembrie 2014 Fratele Iovuta

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Povestea lui – Ian and Larissa – Update – Just amazing!



Povestea minunată de iubire dintre doi tineri din Pennsylvania a devenit virală pe internet, după ce Larissa a decis să se mărite cu iubitul ei în ciuda faptului că acesta a devenit invalid în urma unui cumplit accident de mașină, scrie Daily Mail. „M-am întâlnit cu Ian în 2005, la facultate, și ne-am întâlnit timp de zece luni înainte de accident. Am vorbit despre căsătorie și plănuiam să facem marele pas”, spune Larissa într-un filmuleț care a devenit viral pe internet.


În urma unui accident de mașină, Ian Murphy a suferit leziuni cerebrale extrem de puternice, care i-au dat total viața peste cap. Este nevoit să se deplaseze într-un cărucior cu rotile, abia poate vorbi și nu se poate hrăni singur.

Larissa n-a stat pe gânduri și s-a mutat cu familia bărbatului pe care îl iubește, pentru a avea grijă de el. Pe măsură ce Ian a început să rostească primele cuvinte, Larissa și Ian au început să se gândească tot mai serios la căsătorie. Ei au cerut aprobarea unui judecător pentru a se căsători, iar acesta a fost de acord. „Ne-a spus că ilustrăm perfect esența dragostei și că vom fi un exemplu excelent pentru întreaga comunitate”, povestește Larissa.

Acum, tânăra susține financiar familia și are grijă de soțul său care are nevoie în permanență de îngrijire. Deși nu are o viață deloc ușoară, Larissa spune că este fericită că a avut posibilitatea de a se mărita cu bărbatul pe care îl iubește.

Citeste mai mult pe REALITATEA.NET:


I know I posted this before, but I am reposting just because WE NEED TO SEE THIS again and again:

They met in college and fell in love. They talked about getting married, and he started looking for a ring. They dreamed about life together, a life of beauty and joy, raising babies and laughing with friends and growing old. They did not imagine a car accident. They did not imagine his brain injury. They did not dream about the need for constant care and a wheelchair and fear that food might choke him. And they could not have imagined how persistent love would be. Theirs and God’s. This video is an update Ian and Larissa filmed in 2014. Stay up to date with Ian and Larissa at, and read more about their story at…

VIDEO by Desiring God

Why An Egyptian Jew Chose Jesus Christ – George Babawi

George was raise in a Jewish him in Cairo, Egypt. Through God’s miraculous intervention in his life and against intense culture pressure, he converted to Christianity. It is through a miracle that He saw Jesus. He earned his PhD at Cambridge University.

VIDEO by BRMinistries

Marturie personala – Iosif Ton si Elisabeta Ton la Cluj-Napoca 14 Decembrie 2014

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Intalnire cu Iosif Ton 14 Decembrie  Partea I

VIDEO by Centrul Crestin Caleb

Intalnire cu Iosif Ton 14 Decembrie  Partea II

Secret Thoughts Of An Unlikely Convert – Rosaria Butterfield and Russell Moore (Video)

From the 2014 ERLC National Conference on “The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage.”

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Testimony – A life of drugs and suicidal thoughts changes, when he remembered he had a copy of the New Testament

Photo credit

Testimony: Reverend Joplin Emberson

Joplin Emberson was leaving his high school one day when Gideons were conducting a distribution outside. One of the Gideons handed him a New Testament. Joplin had no intention of ever reading it. His life was spiraling out of control, and by the time he was a senior in high school he was addicted to drugs and selling them as well.

When he was 20, he found himself lying in bed after a horrible evening. He began contemplating suicide. But one thought came to his mind…”What if hell really exists?” And as the Lord would have it, he then picked up that New Testament, which for some reason he still had and opened it and began to read.

See what happened next in this inspiring testimony of how a single copy of God’s Word impacted a life forever.

Testimony: Reverend Joplin Emberson from the gideons on Vimeo.

Update on Ian and Larissa



Three years ago, I was part of a small film crew that had the privilege of meeting Ian and Larissa Murphy at their home in Pennsylvania. Ian and Larissa were newly married, despite Ian’s traumatic brain injury in 2006. They were kind enough to let us tell their story.

When I think about that time I spent with Ian and Larissa, one thing stands out the clearest: their love for one another. It was beautiful to see Larissa’s devotion and respect for her husband, and Ian’s glad-hearted love for his wife. A lot can change in three years as bodies heal and marriages mature, but their amazing story continues.

Citygate Films, with Vinegar Hill Creative, recently sat down with Ian and Larissa to update us on their life and a new book releasing later this summer.

Stay up to date with Ian and Larissa at, and read more about their story:

Testimony: Larry Sweat – How a bible saved this atheist in the midst of gun fire in Vietnam

Soldier in Vietnam – Photo credit

In May of 1968, Larry Sweat was loading the Flying Tiger, a plane which would take him from a U.S. Air Force base to serve in Vietnam. As he was about to board the plane, two Gideons asked him, „Would you like to have one of these little New Testaments?” Though Larry claimed to be an atheist, he agreed to receive one of the Scriptures, hoping it might provide some extra protection against any bullets in battle. Hours later, he was clutching that New Testament praying it would help him. Watch this inspiring testimony to learn how that single copy of God’s Word would touch his heart.

Testimony: Larry Sweat from the gideons on Vimeo.

I hate porn

An excellent article from Sermon Central by Eric Simmons. Read more articles here on Sermon Central- more from this author » or on his website – (A church outside Washington D.C.)

Pornography is a problem.

Porn is like a narcotic; it hijacks the brain, it redefines human sexuality, and in the meantime ruins lives, destroys families and destabilizes ministries. And honestly it’s a problem that makes me tired—tired of the devastation Satan is causing to children, women, families, pastors, churches and the world with this tragic evil.

Porn became a problem for me when I was only six, and by the grace of God that problem ended when Jesus saved me at age seventeen. But I know it rarely happens so cleanly. It is still a temptation, yes; temptation abounds living in the city I do, and with the heart I have, but grace abounds all the more in Jesus Christ.

Friends, I hate porn. And here’s why.

I hate porn because it is a perversion of what God created in man and woman.

I hate porn because it exploits women made in the image of God into an image made for a man’s lust.

I hate porn because it objectifies women into a consumable product instead of a glorious image-bearing creature of God.

I hate porn because I love women—in particular my wife and three daughters.

I hate porn because it takes the soul satisfying experience of sex with a covenantally-committed spouse and turns it into a twisted soul shrinking experience of self-sex.

I hate porn because it turns sons and daughters of God into slaves of sex.

I hate porn because it turns potential missionaries into impotent Christians.

I hate porn because it destroys marriage, many before they even begin.

I hate porn because it extends adolescence and keeps men boys.

I hate porn because it lies to men about beauty and leads men to look for a porn star instead of a woman who fears the Lord.

I hate porn because it robs men and women of the full joy of obedience.

I hate porn because it fractures trust between a husband and wife.

I hate porn because it is a diabolical, satanic activity that is subtly leading thousands upon thousands to hell.

I hate porn because it leads to disqualified pastors and impotent churches. (Pastors, if you are addicted to porn, you are disqualified, and you are killing your church!)

I hate porn because I suspect it’s the most significant reason we are not planting more churches and sending more missionaries.

I hate porn because it disqualifies gospel preachers who could fill the empty church buildings in my city and so many others.

I hate porn because of the disappointment children have to go through when their dad tells them why they lost their job or opportunity to lead in the church.

I hate porn because it teaches a distorted view of sex to children before it can be explained by loving parents.

I hate porn because I am tired of sitting in my living room with sobbing, confused, devastated wives and broken, embarrassed, condemned men who got caught.

I hate porn because it leads to rape, molestation and perversion that can devastate people for the rest of their lives.

I hate porn because it turns men inward and suffocates a man’s ambition to make God’s name hallowed.

I hate porn because it says sin, Satan and the world are more satisfying than our Triune God and his grace.

I hate porn because I hate ungodly guilt and condemnation.

I hate porn for the fear it induces in the hearts of parents everywhere that their child could stumble upon a sight and get addicted.

But I love Jesus.

I love Jesus because he loves people with porn problems.

I love Jesus because he is powerful to free porn-enslaved hearts.

He who knew no porn addiction became porn addiction so that the porn addict might become the righteousness of God in him.

He who had no sin became sin for you so that you may become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21).

In that one brilliant sentence, Paul puts an end to the porn problem.

Friend, you are no longer in Adam but in Jesus. Jesus became a substitute. It was as if he became the porn addict, by receiving the just penalty due for our perversion, and you became the righteous son or daughter of God with all its benefits.

Friend, in one act of Love and Justice, in the cross-work of Jesus, through faith in him, you are now clean, holy, accepted, forgiven and free. Let me say it again … free!

I love Jesus.

On another note, John Piper’s website – Desiring God, also has some excellent articles on pornography addiction:

Rodica Volintiru – Interviu la CredoTV Partea 2-a

Rodica VolintiruVezi prima parte aici – Marian si Rodica Volintiru – Misiunea vietii lor: O chemare la post si rugaciune – Un interviu la Credo TV august 2013

Si vezi pagina cu mai multe articole de si cu Rodica Volintiru aici – Rodica Volintiru – ESTE VREMEA POSTULUI SI A RUGACIUNILOR FIERBINTI

Interviu Partea 2-a 

VIDEO by Credo TV

Watching Bill Maher’s mockumentary prompted search for teaching on Christianity and then Salvation

A testimony from John Joseph at Together for the Gospel 2012:

power of gospelFrom an early age I was totally immersed in sin, and as I grew older the nature and degree of my sin became more grievous. As I transitioned into college and early adulthood, the roots of sin that have taken hold in the past began to flourish and define my life in every possible way. Giving myself completely to sin I eventually became an alcoholic, a drug user, and a cocaine dealer. I dishonored my parents, I was a liar. I used everyone and everything for personal gain and was full of lust, greed and hate.

But, God in His mercy, removed me from my surroundings and brought me to Baltimore, Maryland. In late 2008, while at Blockbuster, I came across Bill Maher’s mockumentary entitled ‘Religulous’. After watching the documentary I was annoyed at Maher’s  bias and his portrayal of religion.

English: Ravi Zacharias signing books at the F...

And so, I got on google and searched for a debate on Christianity. What I found was Ravi Zacharias, and after the course of one year, Ravi completely dismantled everything I believed in. As I continued to search for more teaching on the web, God in His mercy would eventually lead me to the Desiring God ministries. On January 5th of 2010, I sat down to listen to a message on John 3:16, and prior to beginning the sermon, John Piper prayed that someone would be brought form the darkness and into the light. Being faithful and true, our Father answered. Not 5 minutes into the message, as I sat devastated  by the reality of my sin and the impending judgment that awaited, I knew that I deserved hell. I knew that I was going to hell.  I was, however, then overwhelmed by the knowledge that my sins have been forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ. And our Father’s kindness and mercy did not stop at salvation,  as He has continued giving in ways beyond what I could imagine.

He eventually led me to a good church, where through sound teaching and fellowship He has called me to grow. And, He has changed my heart to want to serve Him in every area of my life, for the rest of my life, and for the glory of His name. Had you seen me 3 years ago, you would have thought me as unreachable. Seriously, there’s no reason for me to be standing here, outside of God’s power. But, I stand here by grace, as a testament to the Gospel. There is not a soul in this world that is too lost, or too dead, or too far from God’s reach. You need to tell everyone this Gospel.

Do not underestimate the power of the Gospel!

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