R.C. Sproul: Clothed in Righteousness

ustification is the article upon which the church stands or falls, the main hinge on which religion turns. Yet as important as justification is, many Christians remain confused about it, and others actively blur its features. In this lecture, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains the basic tenets of the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone that we might know the ground on which we stand before a holy God.

This message is from our 2011 National Conference, Light & Heat: A Passion for the Holiness of God: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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John Piper, and R.C. Sproul: Ministry Reflections

A round table discussion on the valuable lessons learned by each man throughout their ministry experiences as well as advice to the next generation of Christians and leaders in the church.

This message is from our 2011 National Conference, Light & Heat: A Passion for the Holiness of God: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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R.C. Sproul: For the Doctrine of the Trinity

In a pluralistic and relativistic age, Christians must stand firm in proclaiming the one living and true God who is revealed in Scripture. The one true God is one in being or essence and three in person: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Triune God is holy and sovereign. These biblical truths are often attacked, and Christians must, therefore, be diligent to defend them.

This message is from our 2012 West Coast Conference, Standing Firm: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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R.C. Sproul: Have You Lost Your Mind?

Christians today often do not think. Logic is considered worldly while contradiction is prized as a hallmark of true faith. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul provides an overview and introduction to the sad state of the Christian mind today, providing real world illustrations and examples of some of the problems we must overcome.

This message is from our 2012 National Conference, The Christian Mind: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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R.C. Sproul: Love the Lord your God with All Your Mind

Ours is an age that emphasizes emotionalism and experience. Emotions and experiences are not necessarily bad things, but they should not be set up in opposition to the mind, to reason. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul exhorts us to remember that Jesus called us to love God with all of our minds.

This message is from our 2012 National Conference, The Christian Mind: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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R.C. Sproul: The Article on Which the Church Stands or Falls

Was the Reformation debate over justification by faith alone a tempest in a teapot? There are many today who think so, many who argue that the Reformation is over. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul will explain why the Reformers spoke of justification by faith alone as the article on which the church stands or falls, and why we are never to compromise on this essential truth of the Christian faith.

This message is from our 2013 National Conference, No Compromise: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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R.C. Sproul: Witnesses of the Resurrection: The Apostolic Message

rc sproul 2R.C. Sproul explains the centrality of the resurrection to the apostolic Gospel proclamation in the book of Acts and in the Epistles. We often talk about why Jesus died, but why was it also necessary that He be raised? This lecture explains why it is not only the doctrine of Christ’s resurrection that is central, but the doctrine of the general resurrection as well.

This message is from our 2009 West Coast Conference, Is there Life After Death?:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

Purchase this conference as a digital download: http://www.ligonier.org/store/is-ther…

R C Sproul’s most popular teachings now on Youtube

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The Holiness of God

The Holiness of God examines the meaning of holiness and why people are both fascinated and terrified by a holy God. This series closely explores God’s character, leading to new insights on sin, justice, and grace. The result is a new awareness of…
The Importance of Holiness

The Trauma of Holiness

Holiness and Justice

The Insanity of Luther

The Meaning of Holiness

The Holiness of Christ


Chosen By God

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Many people reject Reformed theology or Calvinism because they believe it teaches that God drags people kicking and screaming into the church against their will. This, however, is a gross distortion of the biblical doctrine of election, which is g…
Everyone Believes this Doctrine

God’s Sovereignty

What Is Free Will?

Man’s Radical Fallenness

Does God Create Unbelief?

The Divine Initiative


What Is Reformed Theology?

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There is something healthy about returning to one’s roots. When it comes to evangelical Christianity, its roots are found in the soil of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation. Just as the Reformers protested the corrupt teaching of the Roma…

Catholic, Evangelical, and Reformed

Scripture Alone

Faith Alone (Part 1)

Faith Alone (Part 2)


Total Depravity (Part 1)

Total Depravity (Part 2)

Unconditional Election

Limited Atonement

Irresistible Grace

Perseverance of the Saints



R.C. Sproul: A Bruised Reed

We don’t have to look beyond our own churches to see Christians fighting amongst themselves over all kinds of issues. What is the proper way to respond to Christian brothers and sisters when we are in disagreement with them? Should we treat everyone in the church the same? In this message entitled “A Bruised Reed,” Dr. Sproul teaches us about the judgement of charity as we seek to maintain peace and unity within the church.

This message is from our 2002 National Conference, War on the Word: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

VIDEO by Ligonier Ministries

R C Sproul – Worshipping a Holy God

Economics, politics, athletics, romance, careers, raising a family – holiness affects every aspect of our lives. And like Isaiah, we cannot remain unchanged. Our response is one of worship and adoration. Christianity is not merely an experience of a different dimension of reality, but an encounter with a holy God in whom we live and move and have our being.

Worshiping a Holy God

— 2001 National Conference

VIDEO by Ligonier Ministries

The Prince’s Poison Cup – Children’s book, video narrated by R.C. Sproul

In The Prince’s Poison Cup, R.C. Sproul focuses in on the atonement to show that Jesus had to endure the curse of sin in order to redeem His people from their spiritual death.

When Ella gets sick and has to take yucky medicine, she wonders why something that will help her get well has to taste so bad. When she puts the question to Grandpa, he tells her the story of a great King and His subjects who enjoyed wonderful times together—until the people rebelled against the King and drank from a forbidden well. To their horror, they found that the beautiful water in the well made their hearts turn to stone. To reclaim His people, the King asks His Son, the Prince, to drink from a well of horrid poison. The poison will surely kill the Prince—but He is willing to drink it to please His Father and help His people.

Richly illustrated, The Prince’s Poison Cup will help children appreciate the great love of God for His people and the awful price Jesus had to pay because of sin. A “For Parents” section provides assistance in unfolding the biblical elements of the story.

Purchase The Prince’s Poison Cup, and other select Reformation Trust children’s books, for only $8: http://ligm.in/1rUwihf

Sale ends 12/6/14.

VIDEO by Ligonier Ministries

The Lightlings – Children’s book, video narrated by R.C. Sproul

In The Lightlings, R.C. Sproul weaves an allegorical tale that captures the essence of the biblical story of redemption in a manner that will fascinate and delight children. A race of tiny beings known as lightlings are a picture of humanity as they pass through all the stages of the biblical drama – creation, fall, and redemption. In the end, children will understand why some people fear light more than darkness, but why they need never fear darkness again.

The Lightlings is an excellent introduction to the key themes of Scripture. Richly detailed illustrations by Justin Gerard will hold children’s interest, and discussion questions with Scripture references in the back will help parents guide children into the deeper meaning of the story.

Purchase The Lightlings, and other select Reformation Trust children’s books, for only $8: http://ligm.in/1rUwihf

Sale ends 12/6/14.

VIDEO by Ligonier Ministries

R C Sproul – Helping someone deal with suffering

Often times people do not know what to say when someone deal to us is suffering. When we do open our mouth is usually something hurtful. How should I respond to someone who is going through suffering? How can I show love to them during this time of pain?

Surprised by Suffering 1 – Case Study – R.C. Sproul

VIDEO by BRMinistries

Surprised by Suffering 2 –

Suffering: A Divine Vocation – RC Sproul

God understands pain. He watched his Son, Jesus be tortured, beaten and nailed on a cross. He did all this for our sins. It is often hard to believe that in our own circumstances that God understands pain, but all we need to remember is the cross. The pain and suffering that Jesus went through brought healing.

Surprised by Suffering 3 – Dying in Faith- RC Sproul

When death is at the door open our faith goes up and down. You see death written through almost every page of the Bible. God understands our battles with the concept of death and we should understand the battle as well. Death is one thing we are certain about, but often we do not know how to handle it.

Surprised by Suffering 4 –

Assurance of Salvation- R. C. Sproul

Have you ever struggled with the assurance of salvation? Often times it is our faith that causes us to doubt our assurance. This is seen the greatest in sufferings – emotional or physical. We go through depression, despair, and even the dark night of the soul. We all struggle with the question of assurance especially we are suffering.

The Holiness of God – R C SPROUL Series available to watch free online

You can watch this series online for free, or take it as a course from lignoier.org

The Holiness of God

The Holiness of God examines the meaning of holiness and why people are both fascinated and terrified by a holy God. This series closely explores God’s character, leading to new insights on sin, justice, and grace. The result is a new awareness of our dependence upon God’s mercy and a discovery of the awesomeness of His majestic holiness. Dr. R.C. Sproul says, “The holiness of God affects every aspect of our lives — economics, politics, athletics, romance — everything with which we are involved.”

  • The Importance of Holiness
  • The Trauma of Holiness
  • Holiness and Justice
  • The Insanity of Luther
  • The Meaning of Holiness
  • The Holiness of Christ

Watch Lectures in this Teaching Series here – http://www.ligonier.org/learn/series/holiness_of_god/


R C Sproul – Mercy vs. Injustice

rc sproul 2In this excerpt from his teaching series The Parables of Jesus, R.C. Sproul distinguishes mercy from injustice.

Full message: http://www.ligonier.org/learn/series/…
Transcript: http://www.ligonier.org/blog/mercy-vs…

VIDEO from Ligonier Ministries

Is Christianity really rational? by R.C. Sproul

rc sproul 2Have you ever had a nonbeliever say that your argument is not rational? Or that Christianity is not rational? Here’s R  C Sproul answering this very same question in a post from August 2013 on the ligonier.org website:

By all means! It is intensely rational. Now, I’ve had the question asked of me, “Is it true that you are a Christian rationalist?” I said, “By no means! That’s a contradiction in terms. A rationalist is somebody who embraces a philosophy that sets itself over and against Christianity.” And so, while a true Christian is not a rationalist, the Christian faith is certainly rational.

Is Christianity coherent? Is it intelligible? Does it makes sense? Does it fit together in a consistent pattern of truth, or is it the opposite of rational—is it irrational? Does it indulge in superstition and embrace Christians who believe that Christianity is manifestly irrational? I think that’s a great tragedy. The God of Christianity addresses people’s minds. He speaks to us. We have a Book that is written for our understanding.

When I say that Christianity is rational, I do not mean that the truth of Christianity in all of its majesty can be deduced from a few logical principles by a speculative philosopher. There is much information about the nature of God that we can find only because God himself chooses to reveal it to us. He reveals these things through his prophets, through history, through the Bible, and through his only begotten Son, Jesus.

But what he reveals is intelligible; we can understand it with our intellect. He doesn’t ask us to throw away our minds in order to become Christians. There are people who think that to become a Christian, one must leave one’s brain somewhere in the parking lot. The only leap that the New Testament calls us to make is not into the darkness but out of the darkness into the light, into that which we can indeed understand. That is not to say that everything the Christian faith speaks of is manifestly clear with respect to rational categories. I can’t understand, for example, how a person can have a divine nature and a human nature at the same time, which is what we believe about Jesus. That’s a mystery—but mysterious is not the same as irrational.

Mystery doesn’t apply only to religion. I don’t understand the ultimate force of gravity. These things are mysterious to us, but they’re not irrational. It’s one thing to say, “I don’t understand from my finite mind how these things work out,” and it’s another thing to say, “They’re blatantly contradictory and irrational, but I’m going to believe them anyway.” That’s not what Christianity does. Christianity says that there are mysteries, but those mysteries cannot be articulated in terms of the irrational; if that were so, then we have moved away from Christian truth.

Read more questions (about 100 of them) and R C Sproul’s detailed, 1 page answers, here – http://www.ligonier.org

R. C. Sproul – The Privilege of Addressing God as „Father”

An older video of a much younger R. C. Sproul:

rc sproul 2Go with a group of Christians, listen to them pray at home, a prayer meeting, or Bible study and invariably, as Christians pray out loud, one after another will address God. How? They’ll start their prayer saying, „Father,” or, „Our heavenly Father.” It’s the most common expression that we as Christians use to address God. And why not? When our Lord taught us to pray, he taught us to say ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name’.

What could be more basic to Christianity than to address God as Father? A German New Testament scholar (can’t quite make out the name through the audio- might be Hermann Samuel Reimarus (1694–1768)) has done a study on prayers  of the ancient Israelite people, and it is his conclusion that there’s not a single example anywhere in extant Jewish literature, including the Old Testament, the Talmud, the Targums, and so on, until the 10th century A.D. where a Jewish person addresses God directly- as Father. That simply wasn’t done. People would speak of the fatherhood of God among the Jewish people, but no one would address Him directly: „Father”. He says you don’t find it till 10th century in Italy. Yet, in the New Testament, we have the record of a Jew, a Jewish rabbi , who has many, many prayers recorded for posterity. And, that in every prayer that he prays, save one, he directly addresses God as Father. And that’s Jesus of Nazareth.

And what Reimarus demonstrates is that Jesus’ use of the term ‘Father’ for God was a radical innovation. Completely unheard of in Jewish liturgy! And what He did in His radical departure from convention, He invited His followers to be involved with. Because, what Jesus teaches about the human race is that by nature we are not the children of God. This was the dispute our Lord had with the Pharisees, who thought that just because they were born Jewish, that they were children of Abraham, that they were therefore the children of God. Jesus said, „You are of your father, the devil. God can raise up children of Abraham from these stones.”

..what Jesus does is defines Sonship in terms of obedience to God. And, because we are not by nature obedient to God, we are by nature children of wrath, the New Testament teaches us, and not universally children of the Father. The only way we ever have the right to call God „Father’, to cry Abba (Father) in His presence is because we have been adopted.   And the biblical message of sonship and daughterhood in the body of Christ is rooted and grounded in this concept of adoption. That only Christ is the natural Son of God, and only if you are in Christ do you become a member of the household of God. It is the church in the New Testament that is called the family of God. It is the church in the New Testament that is called the household of God. And that unique concept of redemption  through adoption is completely obscured when we talk about the universal fatherhood of God. Do you see that?

VIDEO by Ligonier Ministries

First Google hangout with R. C. Sproul

rc sproul 2Ligonier held its first Google hangout with R. C. Sproul. Here are the questions that were asked by various people through Ligonier’s Facebook page, Twitter and on the Ligonier Youtube hangout page:

  1. (2:00) Have you ever, or do you ever doubt the existence of God?
  2. (5:00) If Jesus bore our sins on the cross, why did He not have to go to hell for eternity?
  3. (7:00) My 9 year old son asked us, „What happens to babies that are aborted? Do they go to heaven?” What should we, as parents, tell him?
  4. (9:00) A question regarding Scripture, specifically, the book of Revelation. How did the book of Revelation get circulated, since John was in prison, on an island?
  5. (10:30) Let’s go back and touch on: You say, we would at least have hope for children of believers, that they would be in heaven. What would you say if they visited your church and asked why you baptize infants?
  6. (14:30) What happens when we die? Do we face God’s judgment twice: when we die, and then again on the last day? And if on the last day, where do we wait?
  7. (16:00) Essential to the Christian life is prayer. Is it wrong to ask God for something that is not a basic need?
  8. (18:00) We had a few questions in regards to how God communicates to us today. Does God give us messages in dreams that involve us to interpret them?
  9. (19:30) What would you say to a woman who told you she felt called to be an elder?
  10. (21:30) The question of burial vs. cremation. Is there a biblical view of what is right?
  11. (23:50) Why do believers still struggle with sin? And, at what frequency of sin should a believer begin to question his or her salvation?
  12. (27:15) If someone came to you and they were grieving over the possibility that they’ve lost their salvation, what kind of counseling would you give them?
  13. (30:00) If Jesus were to walk the earth today would he be passive or would He stand against such legislation as gay marriage?
  14. (31:30) Calvinism and free will. What is it that keeps fueling this debate?
  15. (33:50) In regards to eschatology- Do you believe the second apearing of Christ will be between the next 5-10 years? Why or why not?
  16. (34:30) Enoch and Elijah did not see death. Is physical death inevitable for the believer? 
  17. (35:20) What would you say if you only had 1 minute to share the Gospel with someone? ANSWER: I would say to that person that their only hope in life and in death was the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ, and that they would have to flee to Him, in confessing of their sin, and embracing Him, that He may transfer to them His perfect righteousness, so that they may stand before a holy God.

Streamed live on May 6, 2013 A live „Ask R.C.” event with Dr. R.C. Sproul recorded on May 6, 2013. VIDEO by LigonierMinistries

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