5 Battle Strategies for Youth Leaders When It Comes to Fighting Lust

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Although this article is addressed to Christian church youth leaders, these strategies work for anyone, youth leader or regular folk, married or single, man or woman, in battling against lust.

  • 1. Learn to walk by the Spirit.
    When we are controlled by the indwelling Holy Spirit then we can’t be controlled by the flesh.
  • 2. Don’t take that second look. ….sometimes you can’t avoid seeing a scantily clad girl while driving down the street but you can stop leering at her. The first look is unavoidable. The second look (and lustful thoughts that follow) is what will get you in trouble.
  • 3. Get a red phone. These friends should have your number and you should have theirs. You can call them anytime and they can call you anytime. No question should be off limits when it comes to how you are doing (and how they are doing for that matter) when it comes to lust.
  • 4. Set boundaries but don’t trust in them. „The only real safeguard is a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and a strong relationship with your wife. Everything else is just window dressing.”
  • 5. Go to your church leaders if you need to. Maybe you are reading this and your lust has spiraled out of control. You’ve used your red phone and it’s still not working. Maybe you have a secret addiction to porn or you are in a relationship that has begun to teeter toward the inappropriate (or has even crossed the line)…go to your church leadership immediately and confess it. Hopefully they are the type of church leadership that will restore you.

Fight to win!

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