Rob Bell – 2 video interviews, his evolving views on hell and homosexuality

English: Rob Bell at the 2011 Time 100 gala.

In case you missed these the first time around, here are both videos again:

Part of a wider discussion on the Unbelievable? radio show/podcast. To hear the full debate:

Rob Bell returns to Unbelievable? 2 years after his debate on the controversial best-seller ‘Love Wins,’ to talk about his latest book ‘What we talk about when we talk about God’.

Andrew Wilson is an author and theologian with the New Frontiers church network. He quizzes Rob about his view of God, and his recently stated support for gay marriage.
For more theological discussion between Christians visit (Photo via wikipedia)

(1) Rob Bell and Andrew Wilson /

Homosexuality & The Bible

(2) Rob Bell and Adrian Warnock /

The Book ‘Love Wins’

VIDEO by Revival House

Matt Chandler and the Charismatic Dimension


Matt Chandler discusses how his worldview was rocked during a ministry trip to India, as well as the practical applications of change. Here is Adrian Warnock with Matt Chandler:

Rob Bell vs. Adrian Warnock Video Debate – Heaven & Hell with Justin Brierly


Rob Bell defends his book ‘Love wins’. Hosted by Justin Brierly -the Unbelievable radio program. For more theological debate visit or get the MP3 podcast or Via Itunes.

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Rob Bell vs. Adrian Warnock – Unbelievable Radio Program UK
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