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This page can be accessed from the sidebar of the blog. Simply click on Matt Chandler’s photo. New (as well as some older) sermons will be added to this page as they become available)

Matt Chandler Sermons from around the globe

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2010 and older

At Elevation Church – January, 2012

Preaching the Gospel to the De-churched

From the Advance s009 Conference via Photo from Chuck Heeke of Sojourner Church here at (click to see more pictures from the Advance 2009 Conference).The  Advance ’09, is a conference in North Carolina that has drawn 2800 pastors, church planters and Christians from near and far.

Here’s a 7 minute excerpt. View the entire sermon in the video below this one.

You can listen to the FULL SERMON  audio here. or watch the video below:


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