CHINA: Un Pastor si Sotia Sa Condamnati la 15 & 12 ani inchisoare + amenda $15.000

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PERSECUTA CRESTINILOR CONTINUA in CHINA!  Un pastor chinez, Bao Guohua, a fost condamnat la 14 ani inchisoare si sotia sa, Xing Wenxiang, la 12 ani inchisoare, in provincia Zhejiang, dupa ce si-au aparat biserica atunci cand autoritatile au sosit sa dea jos crucea de pe acoperisul bisericii.

Autoritatile au dat jos 1.200 de cruci de pe acoperisurile bisricilor in ultimul an, in unele cazuri demoland chiar sanctuarul bisericilor.

VIDEO Cazul din 2014 in orasul Wenzhou, China

CITESTE mai mult aici – Guvernul comunist din China a demolat Biserica Crestina Sanjiang din Wenzhou si vor demola inca 10 biserici

International Christian Concern (ICC) obtained a video of Christians in Wenzhou City, China, attempting to stop the forcible demolition of a church cross. At 5:00 am, June 11, 2014 in Wenzhou, China, hundreds of government personnel equipped with a crane and other construction machines, without any legal documents or specific warning in advance, forcibly broke into BaiXiang GuanTou Church attempting to remove the cross from the roof of the Church in Wenzhou City. Church members responded by mounting a standoff for three and a half hours.
This video shows the police barricade blocking people from entering the church for a morning worship at 8:00 am. More and more people came and wanted to go in to protect the cross.

VIDEO by International Christian Concern

VIDEO – Crestinii canta in timp ce statul chinez da jos crucea de pe acoperisul bisericii

VIDEO by Donald Spitz


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