Afirmativ – Un pastor avertizeaza intr-o emisiune televizata: „Prabusirea Americii este inevitabila”

Pastorul Robert Jeffress a avertizat intr-o emisiune televizata ca „prabusirea Americii este inevitabila”, iar tara va „face implozie” daca nu va declansa o renastere spirituala reala.

In timpul interviului, Robert Jeffress, pastor al bisericii First Baptist Dallas (care numara 12.000 de membri) si unul dintre consilierii apropiati ai presedintelui Trump, a explicat ca natiunile se prabusesc in acelasi mod ca si cladirile care sunt demolate: se pune explozibil pe structura de rezistenta, se detoneaza, iar dupa o scurta perioada se prabusesc brusc, prin implozie.

„In ultimii 50 de ani au existat trei decizii controversate ale Curtii Supreme a Statelor Unite, care au slabit infrastructura spirituala si morala a tarii, astfel incat prabusirea este inevitabila. Explozibilul a fost detonat si ne aflam in scurta perioada dinaintea imploziei”, a spus Jeffress.

Pastorul a nominalizat care sunt cele trei sentinte care au dus la destabilizarea Americii: Engle vs. Vitale – prima dintr-o serie de decizii care interziceau religia in spatiile publice; Roe vs. Wade – care a legalizat avortul; si Obergefell vs. Hodges, care a legalizat casatoria intre persoane de acelasi sex.

„Nici o natiune nu poate supravietui daca Il interzice pe Dumnezeu in spatiul public, sarbatoreste uciderea copiilor sai si distruge cea mai elementară unitate a societatii, adica familia. De aceea este foarte important ca toti crestinii sa devina sare si lumina in America, a declamat Jeffress.

Intr-o postare recenta pe blog, acesta a spus ca doua dintre semnele Sfarsitului Timpului sunt – inselaciunea spirituala si conflictul international – si a adaugat ca aceste lucruri cresc in „intensitate si frecventa”


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Concertul crestin caritabil – DAR DIN DAR – AMERICA, EDITIA 1 la PORTLAND !

Concertul crestin caritabil – DAR DIN DAR – AMERICA, EDITIA 1 !

Biserica Penticostala Filadelfia din Portland

Antichrist, America, and Armageddon – Greg Laurie

VIDEO by Harvest: Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie – Antichrist, America, and Armageddon

Essentials: What Every Christian Needs to Know :: Revelation 6

VIDEO by Harvest: Greg Laurie

Ravi Zacharias on the American Church: The problem with America today is not America. It’s the church.

This video clip is from 2010.

Ravi Zacharias:

Unfortunately, you may not like what I’m going to say here. I hope I don’t offend anybody. The problem with America today is not America. It’s the church.

We have become very shallow as Christians. Very shallow. We have become masters at engineering feelings without much thought. There’s very little thinking that goes on at church. We repeat things, parrot things, we have not thought our faith through. We have not listened to others and what their questions are. Our answers are very shallowIn trying to become seeker friendly, we have become message unfriendly. We have no real depth to what we are trying to teach and speak. Life has got its jagged edge against us and we are giving simplistic hours.

Somewhere we fell into the trap of believing that music is everything, forgetting it is only one thing and that teaching and ideas are important, and an expenditure of words without an income of ideas will lead to conceptual bankruptcy. And we are so conceptually bankrupt on this. We cannot really explain these things, and until the church wakes up to what our message is and unless we think deeply about these things, we will sink deeper and deeper into parroting phrases that have very little differences in our lifestyle.

I think, that is a real problem. But, on the other side of this, there are young people today, men and women like yourselves, who long to come into the church and think. I have had 12 and 13 olds ask me more profound questions than many others have ever had, and they are not finding answers (given to them). So, that’s a reality.

When you look, for example, at the European scene. Europe is living under the illusion that it is expelling religion. Nature abhors a vacuum. Europe will not be irreligious for long. Another religion will take over and completely change their culture. And the reason is, the religion that was given by choice is being evicted by a religion that probably doesn’t give them a choice, which will take over. Prince Charles said that when he was going to become the monarch, he would be called the defender of the faiths- plural. Rather than the defender of the faith. Well, if that is what he is going to do, England is going to have to rethink what its future will look like. France is in trouble that way, Germany is in trouble that way. The world is going to be dramatically affected by 2 nations in the next few years: China and India.

VIDEO by Faith Reason

Paul Washer on the future suffering of America and on The False Christianity of North America

Paul Washer

thanks to Gabi Bogdan for referring this video yesterday, it couldn’t come at a better time with everything that is going on as it pertains to the hostility displayed towards Christian beliefs and the struggle to push orthodox Christian beliefs totally out of the public square. Paul Washer (as Gabi says) is prophetic in what he says about the suffering that will come, even here in what used to be the most democratic country in the world for a time. Paul Washer makes a great point in saying that Satan means persecution for evil, yet God uses it for good, and for more people to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Matthew 5:10-11 10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven 11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

VIDEO by Imbeffie

The False Christianity of North America

Here is another video, Paul Washer: I am concerned with only one thing, that one day you will stand … in front of a Holy God and you will be judged. This is not a game, this is not something that has to do with culture. This has to do with the word of the living God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Life and death; heaven and hell. And it is an amazing burden for a preacher to stand in front of a group of people, knowing that some of you will hear my voice and go to heaven when you die, and others of you  will hear warning after warning, after warning, and you will not listen, and you will die under the wrath of God and spend eternity in hell. Christians, how do you know that if you die right now you are saved? (24 minutes)

VIDEO by joshoua00

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