Ravi Zacharias on Suffering, Healing, Scripture, and Dawkins

Ravi Zacharias recently conducted a press conference, to which Heritage of Truth was invited, at the Christian Booksellers Association convention in Atlanta (ICRS). Dr. Zacharias discusses his upcoming book Why Suffering? and his first comic book from Kingstone Comics, The Lamb and the Führer. He also answered questions from the audience about suffering, healing, the historicity of Scripture, and Richard Dawkins’s claim that Jesus’ death on the cross was too petty for the magnificence of the universe.

Ravi Zacharias on Suffering, Healing, Scripture, and Dawkins from Jeanne Dennis on Vimeo.

Ravi Zacharias: Nietzsche, Darwin, and Dawkins

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You know, in America now, we’re discussing all these things now about gun laws and it’s very important to discuss it. Very important to discuss it. We need to understand these things. But you know what’s forgotten oftentimes, that it takes 3 components to do a killing: It takes a person, it takes a weapon, and it takes ammunition. And we think that ammunition is only in the form of a bullet.

Have you ever thought about the ammunition the comes across the air waves? That pours hate into a person’s mind? The ammunition that dehumanizes people? The ammunition that does not know how to treat your fellow human being with respect? The ammunition of sensuality, of depravity? Even in our elections, the words that are used are so aggressive and vitriolic and sometimes hostile? One candidate running for election in America, when he was running for office, told people to go vote- it was the best form of revenge. Wow! Is that something so noble as a vote is all about? Revenge? Not to make righteousness grow? This is the kind of ammunition we are pouring into young minds and some of this stuff goes on and on and on. And it is easier for us to point to an instrument rather than try to understand the depravity and the horror of the human heart. ….

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