VIDEO – Protest in Athens in support of The Bodnariu, Nan and other families

Fotis Romeos General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance in Greece

Fotis Romeos General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance in Greece

Fotis Romeos General Secretary

of Evangelical Alliance in Greece

We are in the center of the city of Athens, the birthplace of democracy, the country which has given us the language of the New testament, spreading the Christian principles and values all over Europe, and we are here to protest this afternoon on behalf of one family from Romania who lives in Norway, because we feel that we are one family  here in Europe and we want to share the same values. We want to express our solidarity with them.

I would like just to share briefly in English about this case so the people might know here in Athens. In every culture, no matter where you travel in the world, the coming of a new baby into a family brings joy, overwhelming joy. Hope is rising, in particular in Europe, an area where we all share Christian values and the Christian worldview, we would like to give the opportunity  to the  parents to raise their children. Christianity always influences positively in the principles of the raising of children in a Christian family, giving first priority to the parents in the upbringing and raising of their children. This is a very basic human right. It is NOT OUR OPTION. It is OUR RIGHT to raise our children, to provide for our children, for their education, their training so that they might succeed in life.

Athens Greece Protest Pro Bodnariu

Clik pentru poze de la protestul din Atena, Grecia

The state plays a very vital role, it comes to help the parents in their role to protect the children and also to contribute to the work of the parents. The problem starts when we have a conflict between the role of the parents and the role of the state especially in the area of education and priorities. What would stop the state, tomorrow, to keep the children from their families? Because they might decide  that it’s gonna be more beneficial for them, on Sundays, to  to go hiking on the mountains or go skiing on the slopes, rather than going to church. Who is going to stop them? We have to stop them, today. When we see what is happening in Norway, the act of physical violence  is condemned in any nation around the world, but with arbitrary subjective interpretation, there are now so many cases in which we see children being kidnapped  form their own physical environment, from their own families.

In this case, we do have the acts of an independent agency  whose aim is to protect the rights of children, who create an even bigger problem by taking five children. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, 5 children, ages 3 months (youngest) – 9 years old (oldest). We want to protest for our friends in Norway, we’d like to raise up our voice and to say clearly that you have to reunite this family.

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VIDEO by Mihailici Corina

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