In awe of God’s creation – barren, icy, remote Iceland & Antarctica – Ghetari in Islanda si Antarctica – Coplesit de creatia lui Dumnezeu

ROMANA: Un loc retras din cauza climei dure. Desi oamenii au parasit localitatea cu 60 de ani in urma, totusi se gasesc specii de vulpe, foca si pasari si cateva case parasite. Localitatea este accesibila doar cu barca sau avion.

ENGLISH: Located in Iceland, this majestic landscape has been uninhabited by humans for 60 years due to its remoteness and harsh climate. Though humans may not reside here, there is an abundance of flora and fauna and arctic foxes, birds and seals, as well as a few old houses. The area can only be reached by foot or by boat and tourist day trips are common.


Iceberg in Antarctica – Photo Isabel Wayrick via

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