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An outstanding speech from a well read and influential blogger from the West Coast, who also has the ear of our youth. Please watch the video at the bottom of the post and listen to the speech for yourself.

I am here first of all as a Christian but also as a husband, a father and a physician to join you in protesting against the great injustice done by the Norwegian Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) to the Bodnariu family.

We are here to sound a world-wide alarm that the five Bodnariu children were abusively removed from their home without due process, without a social investigation, and without warning.

Imagine your children not returning home from school one day.  Imagine CPS and law enforcement walking into your house and grabbing two more children. Imagine agents coming in and snatching a nursing infant off his mother’s breast.

Many of you grew up under a brutal communist regime, but you have never seen such a crime against an infant. The early months in an infant’s life are formative in his relationship with his mother, and this has been brutally disconnected.

History and expert testimony by Norwegian lawyers shows that there is a greater than 90% chance children removed by Barnevernet will not be returned to their parents.

This is what is happening to the Bodnariu family. All based on a teacher’s ideological whim, a teacher who was not happy that the children were raised in a godly home, under biblical principles, singing Christian songs and expressing their faith.

Senator Ben Oni Ardelean was correct when he said this case has elements of religious persecution.

The Norwegian society is quietly approving of such actions. They have grown over the years to accept that it is OK for children to be permanently removed from their families for TRIVIAL reasons.

Norway, this is not normal!

Norway, this is not acceptable!

We are calling on the good people of Norway to open their eyes and see the human rights violations happening in their communities.

Here are some details of this case. Listen and be shocked

  • Barnevernet is waging psychological warfare against the Bodnariu children: The CPS has told the older girls that they will live apart from their parents until they are adults. Hence the heartbreaking letter from the girl where she wrote to her parents: “I thought you were going to die.” 
  • The CPS has tried to get the parents to testify false information against each other. They tried to get Marius and Ruth to divorce. People inside Norway who are familiar with these cases have confirmed that this is standard operating procedure in Barnevernet.
  • This is the institution that “FORGOT” to bring the children with them for parental visitation.
  • CPS has used biased investigators in the case. It is reported that one of the social workers knows Ruth, and moreover may harbor jealousy towards her since they attending nursing school together. This was a biased investigation from the start.
  • Then came threats from CPS that the children are being put up for adoption. This is before any kind of psychological evaluation of the parents or any kind of final court orders. This is an oppressive tactic meant to destroy the parents.
  • Barnevernet is a business. A massive business. It is one of the largest sectors of Norwegian government with tens of thousands of employees and surrogate parents. The govt pays 50,000 Euros per child per year for a “wanna be” parent. No wonder there is such an incentive in Norwegian society to keep this demonic business going.

I have a baby at home the same age as baby Ezekiel and I cannot imagine the trauma he has experienced.

We have to go back to the time of Pharaoh in Egypt and the infanticide of King Herod for any kind of reference in this case.

That’s right, you heard me right: Pharaoh, Herod and Barnevernet. Confiscating children and destroying families.

We are here as Christians to protest this great injustice, and it is biblical to do what we are doing. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was executed without a fair trial, without due process, and without evidence of wrongdoing. The prophet Isaiah said about Christ: “By oppression and judgment he was taken away. Yet who of his generation protested?

We are witnesses to the oppression and unfair judgment against the Bodnariu family, but our generation will not be quiet about it.

We will not give up, we will not tire and we will not stop until the Bodnariu children are returned home and Barnevernet is reformed!

Thank you for coming

God bless you all

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