Backgrounds to the Current Israeli Conflict

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock , Dr. Mitch Glaser, David Brickner, and Jim Sibley discuss Israel and the Middle East, focusing on the backgrounds leading up to the current conflict.

00:14 Dr. Glaser discusses the role that the holocaust and the rise of Israel as a sovereign nation have played in the current conflict.
05:11 Brickner explains how a proper Biblical understanding sheds light on the issue.
07:55 Sibley believes that the Zionist movement and the return of the people to the land is the place where the present conflict started.
09:37 Brickner gives his take on the relationship between the modern state of Israel and the biblical land promises?
13:01 Dr. Glaser discusses how modern sympathies effect individual views of modern Israel.
17:35 Sibley discusses the land promises of the Biblical covenants. 21:11 In light of Israel?s right to the land, by what standard are we to judge Israel?s response to conflict?

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