Peter Costea – Barnevernet Responds – with Falsehoods

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You may recall on May 13, 2016 over 100 attorneys from around the world submitted a petition to Norway’s Prime Minister requesting the release of the Bodnariu children. On June 23 I received the below response from Norway’s Ministry of Children and Equality. (Note that “Family” is missing from the Ministry’s name). Though I appreciate the response I must respectfully call it what it is – hog wash. It is an agenda driven, irresponsible diatribe defending the most unlawful child protection services I have ever known. How can the Ministry defend, with a straight face, a system which allows the seizure of children from parents, on a whim, without court order, and the even more radical practice of depriving parents of their children without due process and in the absence of court proceedings?
Regretfully, Norway is not a land of freedom. It is not the perfect system the Ministry’s response purports it to be. Norway does not have even the foggiest idea of what civil rights are. The response pushes the same deception to which the world community has been used for years. It is full of distortions, falsehoods, and of “Norway can do no wrong” misrepresentations. But, in the end, don’t take my word for it. Read the response for yourself. Those of you who survived communism and lived under a totalitarian system, like I did, will agree with me, no doubt, that even the propaganda department of a ruling communist party could not have written a more deceptive statement.
See below:
Royal Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality letter to Peter Costea

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