The OSLO Times – Barnevernet’s action of ripping families apart causing more harm than good



Yesterday’s online edition of the Oslo Times features a lengthy article critical of Barnevernet, Norway’s child protection service.

Please take the time to read this article in its entirety, the conclusion gives us a view of how the Norwegian media is waking up to some hard truths that the Romanian community has already ascertained, and you will find them here, in the article’s conclusion:

Today over 3,000 children from immigrant families are believed to be in Norwegian state custody out of which most of them belong to migrant families, mostly because Norwegian authorities fail to accept that people living in Norway may have or come from different cultural backgrounds. The Bodnariu children aren’t the only victims, children from various communities are being taken away because of cultural differences this raises serious human rights issues as Norway’s Child Protection Services fail to recognize cultural differences, in one other case the child had been taken away for just speaking Lithuanian.

So far, from what has come in to limelight, cultural unacceptance and intolerance are still very much prevalent among Norwegian authorities as practices that are considered perfectly normal in other cultures have been deemed inappropriate and have been ignored by them, leading to severe actions which disrupt family life. In this case, the proverb, when in Rome be like the Romans, holds true to Norway.Though Corporal punishment is illegal in the country, it does not qualify for children to be taken away from their parents. The authorities need to first counsel, train parents on child rearing and disciplining methods accepted by the law. If the authorities themselves are guilty of cultural discrimination and ripping families apart, how can we ever overcome xenophobia?

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