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Tim Keller – The Truth About Christianity: God surrendered His freedom!

We are truly a blessed generation to have men of God such as Tim Keller in our midst. This is one of the clearest expositions on John 1:1 and in this video, besides the helpful graphics, Keller gives several good arguments which deconstruct some of atheistm’s basic view points (i.e. that you give up your freedom if you follow God, or that you are just a robot following a bunch of God’s rules). Keller packs (and unpacks) a lot in just 14 minutes.

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The story of Micah Tuttle from Portland, Oregon.

Micah wanted to be an Electrician but God had some awesome plans for his life.

He is now a jungle river village missionary in Peru.

Simfonie de Pasari – Murmuration – A Birds Symphony

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am vazut asa ceva dar cu mult mai putine pasari pe riul Illinois, dar ce au filmat aici iti ia suflarea. Maiestrie Dumnezeiasca.

via Justin Taylor at the :

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The Story of Christmas – An Animation , posted with vodpod

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