Porn and its deadly effect on women (via) Focus on the Family

A(nother) heartbreaking article. It seems like pornography addicts are hurting more than just themselves and their families. They may also be inadvertently feeding the slave trafficking industry. The Christian Post published a post here from Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council released on Wednesday a new study detailing the effects of pornography on marriages, children and individuals.But, in the following post, read how this addiction hurts many others.

(via)the Gender Blog- Jeff Robinson, a writer for the Biblical Council of Manhood and Womanhood, writes-

I have heard some radical feminists reply to the question „Why don’t you oppose pornography, given that it objectifies, abuses and undermines the dignity of women?” with a deeply troubling answer that goes something like this: „We do not oppose it because pornography gives women the opportunity to gain power over men by exploiting their susceptibility to carnal attraction to women.”
This answer is as false as it is foolish. It is true that the fallen sons of Adam struggle with sexual temptation, which is the reason why the Holy Spirit inspired so much ink warning against sexual immorality and temptation in Scripture. Pornography, however, can in no way be defended by any remotely rational person as being a positive thing for men or women. Simply put, pornography imprisons both genders, a reality God’s Word makes clear in many places such as Romans 1, a passage that lines out the sobering consequences of exchanging the truth of God’s good plan for men and women for the lie of sexual autonomy.

Robinson then points to this article (see link below) written by Bob DeMoss for Focus on the Family and as Robinson quotes- „illustrates well the truth that pornography is always evil, that is does not empower women, but destroys them instead.”

To read Bob DeMoss’s article click here – A sinister and growing business model. (caution- not suitable for children)


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