Consiliul Europei doreste sa investigheze posibilele incalcari ale drepturilor omului in cazurile de protectia copilului din Norvegia, incepand cu cazul Bodnariu


Trad. Agnus Dei – Consiliul Europei dorește să investigheze posibilele încălcări ale drepturilor omului in cazuri de protecție a copilului din Norvegia, începând cu cazul Bodnariu în Naustdal. Ingjerd Schou liderul delegației norvegiene in Consiliul Europei nu dorește să investigheze cazuri particulare, ea vrea doar să vorbească numai în general despre Barnevernet. Cât de convenabil! (Ea vrea să continue sa tina tot gunoiul sub covor) Pentru cât timp?

Sper ca toate cazurile particulare să fie investigate, pentru a aduce la lumină toate abuzurile și încălcările drepturilor omului! Cazuri particulare, nu generalitati! Gunoiul miroase greu  de asa de mult timp, dar oficialii au devenit obișnuiți cu mirosul. Noua lume brava  a  Norvegiei…


Norway Return the children to Bodnariu Family– The Council of Europe wants to investigate Norway’s possible child welfare violations of human rights, starting with the Bodnariu case in Naustdal. Ingjerd Schou the leader of the Norwegian delegation in the Council of Europe doesn’t want to investigate particular cases, she wants to talk only in general about Barnevernet. How convenient! (She wants to continue to keep all the garbage under the carpet) For how long?

I hope all the PARTICULAR cases to be investigated, to bring to light all the abuses and violations of human rights! PARTICULAR CASES not in general! The garbage stinks for so long time but officials have become accustomed with the smell. The Brave new world of Norway…

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Pastor John Piper Comments on Norway Law and Bodnariu Case!

A lengthy answer from John Piper on the subject of spanking and the Bodnariu case. This is well worth the read!!!

Delight in Truth

9am Plenary Wed 20 October 2010 Photo: Micah Chiang

A reader in Norway writes in: “Hello Pastor John, thank you for all that you have done for the kingdom and for this podcast. I have a question regarding child rearing. You have formerly said that you would go to jail over the issue of spanking. I agree with you that spanking is biblical. But in my home country, Norway, as well as in many other countries, spanking is illegal. The consequences would then not only be that one may have to go to jail, but that the government would take your children. This has now happened in the famous Bodnariu case where a couple in Norway lost their children after spanking them.

[UPDATE: The children have been returned].

In cases such as these, one may never get one’s children back again, because the government may not see you as a suitable parent because you spanked your children. What…

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The Federalist – Under International Pressure, Norway Reunites Seized Children With Family

Ruth Bodnariu



The Bodnariu family’s ordeal ends, but advocates vow to keep fighting for reforms.

On Friday, June 3, the family website joyously announced the results of those hearings: Barnevernet had finally been forced to drop its case against Marius and Ruth Bodnariu, reaching an agreement to return their children. Because the case was dropped rather than ruled upon, there can be no appeal. After seven long months, Eliana, Naomi, Matthew, and John will finally come home.

While Norway’s defenders might point to this outcome as evidence that its system worked, Peter Costea, a Texas civil rights attorney who donated hundreds of pro bonohours to the case, vehemently disagrees. “The Norwegian system did not work,” he told me. “But for the international pressure on Norway, the children would not be home with their parents today. They would still be where they were back in November. I’m 101 percent certain of that.”

Costea believes the County Social Welfare Board was likely influenced by an international attorney petition recently submitted to Norway’s prime minister. Signed by more than 100 lawyers and law professors from around the world and members of European Parliament, the petition detailed Barnevernet’s “grievous breaches of domestic and international law,” calling on the prime minister to intervene. This created a stir in the Norwegian media and among government leaders.

[…] Ben Oni Ardelean, a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). aid he has no intention of letting the matter rest now that the Bodnariu family is reunited, noting “the system is still producing victims.

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French Press – LIBERATION: Kidnapping d’État ou protection de l’enfance? L’angoisse des parents étrangers en Norvège


Răpirile de Stat sau Protecția Copilului? Neliniștea părinților străini în Norvegia

Acesta este titlul acestui articol publicat in FRANTA in 3 mai 2016

State sponsired kidnappings or  Child Protection Services? The stress and anxiety experienced by non-Norwegian parents

This is the translation for the title of the french article published on May 3rd, 2016 here:

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Open Letter to Norway’s ‘DAGEN’ Newspaper’s Leadership Board

old front pages of Dagen Photo credit

old front pages of Dagen Photo credit

Jacob-Dwight wrote an open letter to Dagen’s leadership board after surfing the paper’s website, Dagen being a christian newspaper, and realizing that the newspaper did not report at all about the global protests on behalf of the Marius and Ruth Bodnariu family, whose 5 children were taken from the parents in November of 2015, including the youngest son who was only 3 months old at the time and whom the mother was breastfeeding. The children were split up into two foster homes, at a five hours drive from where the family lives. The mother is allowed to see the infant and the two (other) smaller boys once every two weeks for an hour. The father is allowed to see the infant, but not the other two young boys and neither parent is allowed to see the 2 older girls. You can read more details about the Bodnariu case here –

BODNARIU Family PRESS RELEASE December 26, 2015

Here is Jacob Dwight’s open letter to the leadership board of Dagen:

Dear fellow Christians,

While thousands of your fellow Christians throughout the world are coming out, in bitter cold, peacefully protesting in prayers and songs, requesting that the five months old child and his siblings be brought to his parents, your paper has nothing to say about these events?! Interesting enough, secular papers and the media have reported on this tragedy.

As a fellow Christian, a father of four and four grandchildren, I would like to forward this message to the leadership counsel of your paper as well as for the “Oberrat” of Norway Pentecostal Movement!

Will the Nordic skause go beyond simmering point?

For the Pentecostal National Council of Norway and Daagen: appalling, and sad for missing the moment of your visitation! Is anyone awake, anyone to stand in the gap?

Lewis Pethrus would turn to his grave of if he would see the petrified and heartless mastodon you’ve become… what was once a vibrant, Holy Spirit driven movement that shook up Scandinavia and millions were swept into the kingdom of God!

The Word of God has harsh predicaments for those who would not take a stand in this situation:
“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Mt. 18:5-6)

Brethren and fellow Christians, it is after Christmas, Herod’s soldiers are still marching throughout your land to get the Children!…

Will you continue enabling them, supplying excuses and logistics for them?
There comes a day!



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