True For You, But Not For Me – Is there any absolute truth?

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Dr. Geisler tackles the seemingly tough position of the relativist. See more:

You’ve heard it: It’s true for you, but not for me. It may be true for me, but not for you. All truth is relative to the situation.

You look at it from one angle and it looks like a line. But, you look at it from another angle and it looks like a circle. You turn it sideways slightly and it looks like an elliptical figure.

What is truth? Is there any absolute truth? Is there only one perspective? Aren’t there many perspectives on topics? Is truth relative?

The first thing we want to note is fulfilling the Scriptural mandate for giving a reason for the hope that’s in us. 1 Peter 3:15, and to answer everyone who asks a question. Colossians 4:6

The first thing we observe is that the person who says there is no absolute truth is making an absolute truth claim. Because he doesn’t believe that his statement is just relative. He believes that his statement is the objective truth on the matter. Well, if he has the objective truth that all other truths are subjective, then, not only is he dogmatist  when he claims to have the objective truth, but he’s absolutely narrow minded because he claims he’s the only one that can make an objective statement about reality.

If he can do it, if a skeptic, agnostic and critic can make absolute truth claims, then why can’t the Christian?

The truth of the matter is anyone can make an absolute truth claim. But, the difficulty is in proving that it’s true. If I say that I am here today, speaking to you and sharing with you on the topic of truth, that statement is true, because I am indeed doing that. If I said I am not speaking to you right now, that statement has to be false, because I was speaking to you, saying I was not speaking to you.

In other words, people who deny the truth, who deny the truth is absolute, are really contradicting themselves. They’re using the truth to deny the truth. They’re using the absolute truth to deny that there’s absolute truth. One of the things that you can be certain of , a professor once said to a class of liberal university students, one of the things that you can be absolutely certain of is there is no absolute truth. Isn;t that strange? He was absolutely certain that there was no absolute truth.

I had a professor once who said: All of the commandments in the Bible are relative. I have exceptions. And then he went on to list 2 of his own. He said: You should always be tolerant and you should always be intelligent. I raised my hand and I said, „Well, are those absolute or relative?” He just said, „God’s 10 were relative.” I wanted to know, were his absolute or not? The truth of the matter is he was making an absolute claim that you can’t make absolute claims. He was making a universal statement that you can’t make universal statements. But, if he could make a universal statement: you should always be tolerant , you should never be bigoted. You should always respect people’s freedoms- 3 of the absolutes of our relativistic age- then, why can’t we?

Indeed, you cannot deny absolutes without having some absolutes of your own. You cannot deny objective truth without making an objective truth statement.

Jesus said, „I am the truth. That claim is objectively verifiable. And we’re here to give the evidence and the answer , so that you too can know the truth.

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