C J Mahaney – Marriage and Pastoral Ministry

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C J Mahaney talks to husbands at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary speaks about his marriage to his wife Carolyn for 37 years:

  1. Care for her soul
  2. Consistent communication
  3. Create romantic memories



Marriage and Pastoral Ministry from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.


NEXT Conference Orlando, Florida May 26-29, 2012

The Very Last Next

The final NEXT Conference, Hosted by Sovereign Grace Ministries is taking place  in Orlando, Florida May 26-29. You can buy session passes for the individual sessions onsite for $30.  We will be posting links to any audio/video as it becomes available.

You can listen to audio of NEXT Conference 2011 sessions here – http://www.thisisnext.org/resources/

You can see the Session Schedules here – http://www.thisisnext.org/schedule/

Featured session speakers:

  • C.J. Mahaney

“The Church and Disappointment”When Expectations Collide With Reality
C.J. Mahaney leads Sovereign Grace Ministries in their mission to establish and support local churches.

  • Matt Chandler

“The Church and Culture”Reaching Out Without Selling Out
Matt Chandler is a lead pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, and is the author of The Explicit Gospel.

  • Kevin DeYoung

“The Church and Friendship”How Not to be a Stupid Friend“The Church and Holiness”Why Jesus Says We Need It and Why We Don’t Want To Talk About It
Kevin DeYoung pastors University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan, and is the co-author of What is the Mission of the Church?

See the list of other speakers here – http://www.thisisnext.org/speakers/

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