Can We Trust the Gospels? Lecture by Dr. Peter Williams of Tyndale House

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When were the Gospels written? Were they written by eyewitnesses? Why are the other gospels not included? Is there good

manuscript evidence? Is what we have now what they wrote then? These and other questions will be answered by Dr. Peter Williams. Dr. Williams is the CEO of Tyndale House, Cambridge, England and is a lecturer at a the University of Aberdeen and Cambridge University. He is recognized as one of the foremost Old and New Testament language scholars in the world. For centuries skeptics have attempted to destroy Christianity by attacking the reliability of the Gospels thus reinventing Jesus. How do we answer these attacks and build up our faith? Join us to hear Dr. Williams build a strong case for the reliability of the Gospels! The lecture will include handouts and Q&A.

Special thanks go out to: Assistant Pastor Scott Susong & Second Baptist Church Woodway Dr. Houston, TX. for more info
Phillip Evans & American Friends of Tyndale House for more info
Dr. Peter Williams & Tyndale House for more info
VIDEO by fleetwd1 from Second Baptist Church, Woodway April 2, 2014


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