Narcis Popovici – Mesaj de la Cea de-a 46 Conventie a Bisericilor Penticostale Portland 30 August 2014

Conventia 2-19 Narcis POpovici

Narcis Popovici la Cea de-a 46-a Conventie a Bisericilor Penticostale Portland

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Narcis Popovici (misionar in Nord Irak impreuna cu sotia si cei 4 copiii si unde se va reintoarce in cateva zile):

It’s a privilege to be here with you guys here tonight, to celebrate that Jesus reigns at the convention. I want to send our greetings, not just from Chicago, where we’re from, but from where we are right now, the Northern Part of Iraq. We’ve been blessed to speak to many of you guys at this convention. Many of you we know already, and as you know, my family and I, my wife and 4 children, as well as several others have been serving the Lord in the northern part of Iraq for almost the last 2 years. And we want to express our gratitude for so many of your guys prayers and concern. And I really believe it’s important to say a few words even before  the word of God is preached tonight.

Many of you have seen on the news, you’ve been watching this past summer and even the last couple of years what’s happening in Syria and what is now happening in Iraq. The tragedies are atrocious. Even major news stations are calling this  the worst tragedy of our modern era-

  • 3,000,000 people displaced from Syria
  • and 1 1/2 million displaced from the northern part of Iraq
  • hundreds of thousands killed, kidnapped, brutalized,
  • women being sold in the streets

and none of this catches God by surprise. When God called us several years ago, He was fully aware  of what was going to happen in the Middle East, and, in fact, what was going to happen and what is going to happen in the nations, in these last days.

And the enemy of the Kingdom of God and the enemy of the church and of our own souls is furious in these last days, seeking to distort the image of God, knowing his time is short, seeking to take as many people with him to destruction and death. But, if God is going to, and He is going to establish His Kingdom in the nations, He’s going to do so through His people- the church. God’s church is the vehicle through which He establishes His kingdom on the earth.

And we’re here to celebrate that Jesus Christ reigns, even this weekend! Amongst the young people, amongst the older brethren, we’re here to celebrate together. Jesus Christ reigns in Portland. Jesus Christ reigns in Iraq and Syria. And the enemy would love to do anything he can, whether through the allurement, temptation and pull of the world, or through the fear of death and pain and tribulation to draw our attention away from Him who reigns and is seated upon the throne. And we cannot react to what the enemy is doing, we cannot react, we cannot afford to in these last days, to be a people who are reactionary, who react to what the enemy is doing, but we must be a people who respond to the very person and voice of Jesus Christ.

We want to thank you guys for your prayers, for your continued prayers.  I don’t believe it is any accident, nor is it coincidence that even God had even from the romanian church, His people, properly positioned in the nations of the world, including northern Iraq in the Middle East. And we believe with all of our hearts that preceding a widespread revival, that is going to impact the jewish people and usher in Christ’s return, preceding this last day revival, that will invite the Messiah back to the earth, there will be a massive revival amongst the muslim peoples, amongst arabs and kurds, amongst persians, amongst turks.  This must happen and if it’s going to happen and Christ will rule supreme in the middle east, He will build a people that will bear His image and Spirit properly, it’s going to happen through the prayers of the saints. Faith filled prayers, spirit led prayers. It’s going to happen through His people preaching the Gospel. They cannot hear unless one is sent. They cannot believe unless they hear the Gospel.

It’s gonna happen when the Gospel is proclaimed, demonstrated and established. And we are of firm conviction  that the days that we live in are very critical days.  Whatever we, as a people, could have afforded to get away with, so to speak, in days previous, we can no longer afford to in these last days. It is imperative for the church of Jesus Christ to hear His voice in a way more clear, and more precise than ever before, because He is looking to rule in the hearts of men. He is looking to reign in the hearts of men. He is looking to reign in family units. He is looking to rule in His church. He is looking to rule in the Middle East. He is looking to rule in the nations. So, with that, I want you guys to please stand. Once again, thank you guys for your prayers and if any of you want to connect with us after the service, and even tomorrow night, we will be in the back at a table answering questions and talking about how we can connect further.


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