Chuck Colson on the Washington atheist rally, March 24,2012

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Chuck explains why the atheist rally in Washington called the Reason Rally is so poorly named, and why Chirstianity is still the most adequate worldview.

You can see the Worldview Grid shown in the background of this video here (in powerpoint presentation form on the website).

Grief is not a disorder

Chuck Colson reports that the American Psychiatric Association began serious discussions, earlier this year, about whether to label grieving a psychiatric disorder. Emotions are part of what makes us human. Only in the postmodern western part of the world is the ultimate goal: Pleasure. And that means no pain? Chuck Colson calls it a fantasy that would make us less than human.

Colson cites C.S.Lewis’s Abolition of man: If wise men of old sought to conform the soul to reality, the solution to the human problem was self discipline and virtue. But today through applied science and now it seems through little white pills we try to subdue reality to the wishes of man. Lewis was a prophet. What he saw was that our attempt to conquer nature will inevitably lead to nature conquering us. When humans are reduced to mere nature, the by products of chances and cause, they may be manipulated and remade according to the whims of the powerful.  It is an invitation to dehumanization and tyranny.

Video of the week – „Doing The Right Thing”

Chuck Colson

Great lectures for students and anyone (every believer should be) interested in apologetics. This post will be added to the Apologetics page (which you can easily access by clicking on the Oxford picture icon (on the right sidebar of the blog) or at the top of the blog, under the Chicago picture, just click on „Apologetics”.

Here are five videos from Chuck Colson from his „Doing The Right Thing Ethics Tour”. You can find more video messages from Chuck Colson on his Youtube Channel here – Colson Center. These lectures took place on the Spring 2011 tour.

  1. A Crisis of Ethics, Doing the Right Thing – begins with a short trailer, Introduction by Eric Metaxas and Chuck Colson lecture/speech.
  2. „Is there truth; a moral law we can all know? – David Naugle: The Roots Of Moral Authority
  3. „If we know the right thing, can we do it?” – John Stonestreet: return to Virtuous Living
  4. „What does it mean to be human?” – David Stevens: A Matter of Life and Death
  5. Doing The Right Thing – Ethics Tour – Dallas – Panel Discussion and at bottom of page:
  6. Chuck Colson-How God turned around Nixon’s hatchet man

Click on „More” to proceed to the six conference videos.

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Chuck Colson – How God turned around Nixon’s hatchet man

President Nixon meets with China's Communist P...

Nixon with China's Mao Tse Tung

This video is from Veritas Forum at of Cambridge, Massachusetts (though they have offices across the country). Veritas Forums are university events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life. This is a great resource to help University Students and parents, and very worthy of our support.
If you are not familiar with Chuck Colson’s story you can read a short bio here. Today Chuck Colson, besides writing several books, in 1976, Colson founded Prison Fellowship Program, which, together with churches of all confessions and denominations, has become the world’s largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families, with ministry taking place in 113 countries around the globe.

Chuck Colson started adulthood as a lieutenant in the marines, fighting in the Korean War. Afterwards he went to law school at night while working as administrative assistant (one of the youngest at that time) to a U.S.Senator. In 1968 he left his law practice to serve in the Richard Nixon White House Administration (again as the youngest assistant ever) as Special Counsel(he was 38 years old). Colson ran the next presidential campaign for Nixon and Nixon won by the largest landslide vote victory to date, in 1972. At that point he decided that he wanted to return to his law practice, due to the exhaustion he experienced and he started to feel empty.

Chuck Colson grew up in as he calls it „Unitarian” New Egland. Yes he did go to Sunday school as a kid and learned all the lessons, and yes he was dragged to church, as he describes it, a few times, yet in his adulthood he did not even believe in the existence of God, let alonehis son Jesus Christ or the fact that man can have any kind of relationship with Him.

Mere Christianity

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One day he walked into another White House aide’s office and Colson asked him why he seemed different, at which the aide replied that he had given his life to Christ and then asked to read him a chapter „VICE” from C S Lewis’s Christianity. Then he prayed with Colson. Colson walked out to his car, but could not drive away because he couldn’t see; he was crying so hard. He knew nothing of evangelicalism or of any sinner’s prayer-he just talked to God and that night he knew there was a God. The days to follow, the lawyer in him sat down with the Mere Christianity book and made 2 columns -pro and con, about different things he would investigate. At the end he could state that the reality of Jesus Christ’s life and work is more real than his own reality.

But, just then the Watergate scandal blows up and for the next year, Colson’s „conversion” is front page fodder for the Nation’s newspapers.

Here is Chuck Colson at Columbia University in 2008 talking to students and doing a Question & Answer session afterwards:

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