Love God with All Your Mind (JP Moreland)

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The biggest fundamental divide in American history since the Civil War is over worldviews and between Western Monotheism and Secular Atheism.

Many people used to believe that following Jesus is stupid. Now, they believe that Jesus followers are immoral and bigoted. Thus, Christians are now portrayed as immoral bigots.

There are now 3 existing worldviews:

  1. Christian Monotheism – there is a new vibrancy and resurgence, even in Universities today.
  2. Scientific Materialism – the dominant world view of the media and Universities, which believes that science alone can give us knowledge of reality and science tells us that the physical world is all there is.
  3. Postmodernism Relativism – dominates the arts. entertainment industry, literature, anthropology and teaches that everything is relative to your culture and each culture is right. So if Christians worship Christ and Moslems worship Allah, they are both right and therefore no one can be wrong.

J P Moreland addresses – How should the Christian/Christ follower get involved in  this arena of worldviews- from a biblical perspective. There is also a 20 minute question and answer session at the end.

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