If somene asked: What sets Christianity apart from other religions, what would you say?

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Many times, the stumbling block in a conversation with an unbeliever is their carte blanche statement that ‘all religions are the same’. How would you answer them? Here is William Lane Craig’s answer. Video by drcraigvideos,
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On April 18th, 2012 William Lane Craig and Klemens Kappel debated the topic „Does God Exist?” in Copenhagen, Denmark. After the debate there was a lengthy question and answer period with the audience. In this clip, the question arises: What sets Christianity apart from other religions?

William Lane Craig: „Christianity is set apart from most of the other religions of the world, and it’s not just a code of ethics or a system of religions about various gods and deities. But it’s a religion that’s rooted in history, in real historical events, in people and places that you can read about in other ancient historical texts, that we have archaeological confirmation of.

You can read about people like Pontius Pilate, like John the Baptist, James, Jesus’  younger brother, in the works of Josephus, the ancient Jewish historian. We have archaeological evidences for the places described in the New Testament. This is not some sort of myth about a fairyland.

This is about real people, that actually lived, real places that actually existed, real events that actually took place. And as I say, that includes those 3 facts that crucially undergird the inference to Jesus’ resurrection. So, I think this does seem to set Christianity apart.

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